How can Personal Career Management help me?

We work with many clients who are facing redundancy or whose roles have already been made redundant. If you are affected by redundancy, then you will know at first-hand that it is challenging on many levels. The practicalities of looking for a new job in a highly competitive job market can be daunting, You may also be experiencing some mixed emotions regarding the redundancy process itself and the uncertainty ahead.

Our individual outplacement and career management programmes provide the practical and emotional support needed for job search success at this difficult time. We will take particular care to ensure that you approach your job search in a very clear and focused way, having explored your options and made smart decisions regarding your next move. Extensive and in-depth support will also be given on all aspects of the job-search process to help get you on the shortlist and win the job offer for the role you want.


What does working with you involve?

We offer a range of outplacement and career management programmes which will all include working on a one to one basis with a highly experienced career coach. Your programme will typically cover the following:


Career review and analysis

• Assessing career capital, key skills, experience etc
• Undertaking psychometrics where appropriate
• Exploring career options and/or alternative ways of working
• Making informed decisions about next move
• Devising a practical career action plan for next job and beyond


Marketing your skills to employers

• Locating where the "plum" jobs are - both advertised and unadvertised
• Creating a CV, covering letters, application forms etc to get you short-listed
• Rehearsing your marketing pitch for interviews, presentations and networking
• Managing the recruitment agency/headhunter relationship
• Developing an enhanced online presence using social media
• Salary negotiation
• Settling into the new job


Or Self-employment

• Practical help in setting up your own business



To accelerate your job-search, you will also benefit from the services of a dedicated research manager for your information requests and have on-line access to a superb range of specialist resources which includes:

• Personalised vacancy reports drawn from a list of over 50,000 new jobs per month
• Comprehensive information on companies and market intelligence
• Career options software and information
• Contacts for recruitment agencies and head-hunters
• Career files and books

Other benefits include:

• Invitations to free networking events held throughout the year with key industry speakers
• Up to 3 months gym membership with Nuffield Health


What is your success rate?

Our client surveys show that of our clients who came to us as a result of redundancy:

• 82% found a new role within 4 weeks to 8 months of working with us
• 11% successfully started their own business
• The vast majority achieved a pay increase, even where this was not a primary objective

"Following voluntary redundancy scheme, I chose Personal Career Management as my outplacement company. They helped me achieve greater clarity, understanding of my ambitions, my potential and how I wish to direct my life. I also had far greater confidence and focus. As a result, I received a number of job offers but chose a role that has a Board Director career path, stock holding potential and a real opportunity to contribute to the direction and success of the company. I have recommended Personal Career Management to others, many times."

Peter Miller, Sales Director


How much do your programmes cost?

We offer a range of outplacement options designed to meet different career challenges and budget requirements. These programmes are based on a number of coaching hours provided per programme which can be taken up at any time over 3 years. This enables far greater flexibility for the individual than a programme which is strictly time limited say to 6 months or a year.

  • Job Search Outplacement £2,750 Ex VAT
  • Executive Outplacement £3,850 Ex VAT
  • Director Outplacement £5,000 Ex VAT
  • Senior Director £10,000 Ex VAT

We are happy to advise which programme would best fit your needs.

If you are facing redundancy then it is suggested that you contact us to get advice on asking your employer to provide outplacement support. There are substantial advantages to you if this can be organised via your company as part of your redundancy settlement as it is a non-taxable benefit. In addition, the company is able to reclaim the VAT payable whereas you as a private individual cannot do so unless you are VAT registered. Please call us for more information on this or discuss it with your employment lawyer.


I'm interested to find out more. What do I do now?

Ring us on 0845 686 0745 or fill in our contact form and one of our team will ring you to discuss your requirements. We will be pleased to offer you a free, initial career consultation for you to find out more.

How we can help
How we can help

Their expertise and guidance are essential to succeed in today’s competitive recruitment market

Brian Walder, MD

Personal Career Management were genuine and honest. They helped me achieve my future goals

Andrew Sim, MD

I would definitely recommend Personal Career Management to any graduate

Ranulph Murray, Graduate

They are trustworthy, genuine and their process works. Highly recommended!

Eimear D'Arcy, Senior HR Manager

I want to say a big thank you. This has been the best investment I have ever made

Angeles Castelo, HR Consultant

Personal Career Management has been a great investment, their advice and resources have been invaluable

Trevor Cullen, Managing Director

I found the course took me gently down a path of self realisation of what was important

Andrew Kordecki, Financial Controller

By turning to Personal Career Management I have jumped at least two steps on my chosen career path

Diamard Lee, Business Consultant

I landed a great role and wholeheartedly recommend Personal Career Management to all

Gillian White, Head of Learning & Development

I have recommended Personal Career Management to others, many times.

Peter Miller, Sales Director

I have been able to obtain some well-paid contracting roles which are perfect for me!

Malcolm Hall, Retail Services Manager

Quite simply I would never have come this far without them

Jane Harris, Events Manager

I'd highly recommend them to anyone who wants to move from having a series of jobs to having a career.

John Pearce, IT Architect
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