Corporate Career Development

Staff retention and engagement needs a new approach in the post-pandemic workplace. 

Lockdown has given people more time to reflect on their personal and professional lives and think about what they want for themselves for the future.  Now we are seeing a more active job market, it’s starting to become more difficult to hold on to the talent you’ve worked hard to acquire and nurture.

It’s never been more important to be having meaningful career conversations with your staff right now. Handled positively, these can re-energise and re-engage restless staff who may be considering external moves as well as improving job performance and well-being. 

There are many easily available options that organisations can consider to personalise the employee experience and provide career development in a way that works for all parties, as well as attracting new talent for the future.

Personal Career Management have worked with hundreds of organisations to support them with the career development of their staff including:

Career Conversation Training for Managers and In-house coaches

We train Managers and in-house coaches in how to have a motivating, positive developmental career discussion with every member of staff including:

  • Career coaching techniques and a conversation roadmap
  • Follow-up support and action learning group
  • Online or face to face training

To book and for more information call 01753 888 995 or fill in the contact form below and we’ll be in touch.

Career Conversation Clinics

We work with many organisations providing an external perspective for their workplace challenges such as:

  • Handling difficult situations or people at work
  • Understanding yourself as a professional
  • Building self-confidence at work
  • Internal career applications

These sessions may be one-off, part of a coaching programme for selected individuals or talent pools, or available as a day of career conversation meetings.

Career Webinars and Presentations

We offer a wide range of different career learning opportunities such as:

  • Professional self-discovery sessions learning about strengths, working style, motivators etc
  • How to have a career conversation with your manager or other influencers
  • Personal Branding and how you present yourself to others
  • Applying for internal roles
  • Future-proofing your career, future trends and development needs

Online Career Development: icareercoach™

This is our fantastic online career development portal, where individuals can access thousands of different e-learning modules, videos, articles and psychometric assessments to gain the insights and information they to plan their career development and progress their career.

Click here for more information and to arrange a demonstration with one of our team

Executive Coaching

During this extraordinary time of organisational and societal transformation, it’s essential that your leaders are supported so that they can perform at their best, given that their decisions and influence will shape the future and the culture of the organisation.

Click here to find out more about our substantial experience of Executive Coaching for Board Member and other Senior Leaders

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