Career Development

We offer a range of career development webinars and one to one career management programmes designed to support effective organisational career management processes.  These can provide a range of benefits to your organisation which include:

  • Activating the latent potential of your workforce
  • Increasing the return on investment for staff training and development
  • Enhancing motivation and engagement levels
  • Encouraging staff to be more proactive regarding their employability
  • Enabling informed and realistic organisational succession planning
  • Attracting high quality candidates to your organisation

What career development services can you provide?

Career Management Webinars

These are designed for staff groups who may be either settling into new roles following a restructuring, actively seeking career development or facing mid to long term career uncertainty.  It enables them to assess their current situation and develop a career action plan for the future.  The webinars typically cover the following:

  • Managing career transition
  • Self-assessment of skills and experience
  • Exploring your options
  • Talking about yourself positively
  • Proactive career management strategies to uncover opportunities
  • How to “sell yourself”
  • How to have a career conversation with your manager
  • Identifying career blocks and the resources that will help you overcome them
  • Devising a practical career action plan to achieve your career goals

One to one career coaching

These are individual, confidential career coaching sessions which may be run in tandem with the workshops or separately.  They are ideal for staff:

  • Adjusting to a new role
  • Seeking promotion or career development
  • Needing to make an important career decision
  • Who may not be in the right role

Training in career conversations

We can provide training to enable line managers and individuals to have effective career conversations within the organisation.  We can also train the HR/learning and development team or selected managers in more in-depth career coaching.

Online Career Management Portal

icareercoach™ is our powerful, online career management portal and is designed to complement organisational talent management objectives supporting succession planning, enhancing staff engagement and workforce agility. Deployed either as a stand-alone resource or as an accompaniment to career management webinars and coaching, staff value this opportunity to raise their career self-awareness and improve their engagement, job satisfaction and career resilience.

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In-house Career Management for Staff

Online Career Management and Job Search Portal

How can I find out more?

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