Individual Clients

“Working with Personal Career Management has helped me to focus on key areas including, those that I did not even recognise needed attention, which helped me see possibilities and options that I did not know existed. I cannot under-estimate how critical this will be for my future. My coach championed me by giving just the right balance of challenge and support, which made me feel like I can take on the world. My confidence is still sky-high because she helped me find a way to believe in myself. In short, my coach was a gift to me. I feel so privileged to have worked with someone with such deep insight and I truly think I have found ways to make the rest of my life more fulfilling than I ever could have believed.”

Julie Bond, Head of Data, Digital and Change

“From my first interaction with Personal Career Management, I was impressed by the very personal service they offered. Having been made redundant, they focused on me and what I needed to secure a new role.  The personal coaching, advice and gentle persuasion allowed me to think about what I wanted to do and really helped me to secure the right role. The support from Personal Career Management has exceeded my expectations from the start of the process. I would highly recommend Personal Career Management.”

David Barrett, Commercial Director

“I was at a crossroads in my career – both in terms of direction and success in applying for new roles. I felt I needed some career guidance on how and where to apply my skills and experience. The career coaching helped me to realise the possibilities and sharpen up my act in approaching the job market. Since working with Personal Career Management I set up a freelance consultancy. I received a lot of support from my coach on business development, boosting my morale and confidence. Several months into this, a consultancy firm invited me to apply for a director’s role which I secured successfully. I am now benefiting from an increase in salary and a better work life balance. My investment in Personal Career Management is the most profitable financial investment I have made in my career to date.”

Joseph Carr, Director

“I had tried so hard to get a job as I wanted a change but there was no clear way forward and I felt like I was stuck. I was looking for a career coach rather than general advice, and I scoured the internet for what and who could help. Personal Career Management particularly stood out due to its strong online presence on the BBC and the Guardian sites. Personal Career Management really made me think about what I really wanted or needed to feel successful, and what I really wanted out of a career. This involved a long and hard look back over my life and something clicked leading me to firmer decisions about everything. The whole coaching experience has been a worthwhile investment in ways I hadn’t expected.”

Michael Ward, Operations Support Officer

“I approached Personal Career Management to help with my lack of direction and personal fulfilment in my current role. I recognised I needed help in realising my professional value, understanding and finding opportunities in the current job market and ultimately finding a new role. What I got from my experience with Personal Career Management was so much more. I found the clarity I wanted, built my self-confidence and secured a new and more rewarding role. Personal Career Management were approachable, trust worthy and friendly. I am glad I took a positive step to invest in and realise my professional and personal value.”

Martha Koukidou, Senior Project Manager

“Personal Career Management helped me to align my CV, LinkedIn profile and strategies to the market. The process was both cathartic and re-enforced my self-belief and determination to take my career in a specific direction.  After only a few weeks I had attained an interview for a perfectly matched position, and I was offered the role at second interview. I now realise the benefit of outplacement support, it is not just about the right CV or interview technique, but about understanding myself and regaining my belief, confidence and a direction of travel following an enforced career change”

David Walker, Regional Finance Manager

“I had the pleasure of working with Jo while researching and interviewing for a new opportunity. At every stage of the process, from preparation of my CV, introduction/covering letters and interview strategies, Jo was always able to add enormous value to what I was doing. I enjoyed debating with her the small but often critical issues surrounding recruitment and selection in todays very different environment compared to even a few short years ago.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Jo to anyone looking for a career change or new opportunity – her insight, thoughtfulness and experience in recruitment were hugely beneficial and made a real difference. Thanks Jo!!”

Mike Rust, Sales Director

“I have personally found the Personal Career Management team skilled and extremely professional, and their career coaching programme is effective, truly niche and high quality. Their programme exceeded my expectations as it is an agile offer with a wide array of specialised resources and my coach was just amazing”

Suzanne Lopez- Barillas, Senior HR Generalist

“Thank you so much for pairing me with Jo! Her advice and support has been incredibly helpful during what was a difficult time at the end of last year.  I am thrilled to announce that this had all led to a successful point. I’ve been offered an exciting job in a really interesting space – with a 30%+ salary boost – all thanks to Jo’s guidance and coaching”

David Norman, Business Manager

“Personal Career Management helped me reflect on how much I had to offer organisations. Within three months, they helped me identify and secure my ideal role. My coach offered invaluable support and encouragment to achieve clarity, confidence and focus. Thank you very much for furthering my professional development”

Bilwa Iyer, HR Professional

“After being made redundant, Karen was a calming voice and influencer in my search for a new job. I went very quickly from getting no interviews to getting opportunities. She mentored me in writing my CV, application letter, interview technique, plus how to answer those tricky little questions. More than that, she recognised something in me and was able to tease out my skills and knowledge that my English reserve kept suppressed. She gave me back confidence in my abilities and I fully recommend Karen and the work she does.”

Colin Bennett, Sports Development Manager

“Personal Career Management has provided me with first class effective and practical career coaching and management for over 18 months. Perceptive and insightful I have found them to be empathetic in their coaching whilst not being afraid to be forthright and constructive in how to manage specific scenarios when the need arises. I have been able to use their recommended techniques and strategies to optimum effect to enhance my professional performance as well as benefiting my workplace”

Iain Bailey, HR Manager

“Personal Career Management have exceeded my expectations of working with them. The coaches are very good and the service really isn’t what people might expect. They’ll be surprised with what they can achieve and the direction that it’ll take them”

 Lucy Haire, Head of Sales & Marketing

“Personal Career Management were invaluable in helping me to make that transition between my previous career and self-employment”

Sharon Collins, Self-Employed

Personal Career Management helped me to look inside myself and see how much I had to offer another organisation“

Mary Canavan, Director

“If it hadn’t been for the advice from Personal Career Management I would not have my dream career”

Tom Vicary, Copywriter

“Personal career management helped me to identify and secure my ideal new role. Their expertise and guidance are essential to succeed in today’s competitive recruitment market”  

Brian Walder, Managing Director

“My company provided outplacement support to me and I feel I have come a long way since being made redundant in December. I could not have done that without the help and mentoring I received from Personal Career Management.  I learnt a lot from my career coach and found the online resources really helpful”

Afshin Dastafshan, Project Support Officer

“Within three months, I had found the perfect job online marketing for a golf company. It taps into skills I have already, requires me to learn skills which I really want to have in the future and relates to what I do in my spare time”.  It’s just the kind of job I wouldn’t have applied for previously because I thought the competition was too fierce. I would never have got the job I wanted without the help of Personal Career Management”

Rory Anderson, Graduate

“I feel they had a genuine interest in the person, an eagerness to see you succeed coupled with a process that worked makes them trustworthy leaders in career transformation”

Eimear D’Arcy, Senior HR Manager

“By turning to Personal Career Management I have jumped at least two steps on my chosen career path. I’d probably have become a consultant without them but it would have taken a long, long time. I would recommend Personal Career Management to friends and colleagues. Everybody spends a lot of time and money on investments, houses and cars…but very few people spend money or invest time on structuring their career and what they want to be doing. To me it has been money and time very well invested – particularly having been in a career which I was not finding very fulfilling”

Diarmid Lee, Former lawyer now a Business Consultant

“Personal Career Management have a challenging and structured process designed to get you into the right role for your future. My coach was a great balance of support and push back to make sure I thought deeply and widely enough about the opportunities now available to me. Armed with a rewritten cv that really was “me” I got through the system and in front of the right people. I landed a great role and wholeheartedly recommend Personal Career Management to all”

Gillian White, Head of Learning & Development

“I’d got stuck in a non-productive rut with job applications and interviews – Personal Career Management’s professional and sympathetic approach faciltated a ‘reset’ and showed me how to ‘play the game’ to win. I’ve successfully managed to move out of a collapsing industry into a growing industry with lots of opportunities. I now have a career plan and understand what I need to do to maximise my potential. Their service offers much more than just finding jobs to apply for – we covered interview skills and in particular those difficult to answer questions. In comparison with some of the other services you see advertised Personal Career Management is also very good value. I’d highly recommend them to anyone who wants to move from having a series of jobs to having a career”

John Pearce, IT Architect

“I was unhappy at work and it filtered through from the office into my home life. I felt comfortable right from the start in working with Personal Career Management. My coach helped me process what was happening at work and gave the practical support and advice I needed to move from what was a stressful situation. I am now working in a new role that I enjoy and I feel so much happier and less stressed. I feel much more in control and confident about the future. Working with Personal Career Management helped me look objectively at myself, gave me a future plan – and quite simply I would never have come this far without them”

Jane Harris, Events Manager

 “I undertook a programme with Personal Career Management, at the time when I desperately needed to take stock and consider what I wanted to do with my career. I found the course took me gently down a path of self realisation of what was important to me, what my skills are, what I enjoy and dislike. I was able to not only determine what I wanted to do next in my working life but was able to develop a strategy to make this happen. The process enabled me to jump to a new confidence level. I am pleased to say that I was able to immediately obtain a new position local to me, in a role that I find really rewarding and for an improved remuneration package. In fact, Personal Career Management gave me the confidence to ask for and receive an increased remuneration package. I owe them an enormous debt and can’t thank them enough, for all the support and advice they gave me”

Andrew Kordecki, Financial Controller

“After 12 years in the same organisation I had no idea what my next step should be and after toying with opening a bar abroad, or finding a new role in a completely different industry I eventually called Personal Career Management. They helped me flush out my ideas and identify that what I really wanted to do was start my own business. It was an opportunity that was right under my nose but I had missed it. Personal Career Management has been a great investment, their advice and resources have been invaluable and their help has saved me a huge amount of time. A year later, I am director of my own business, which I find infinitely more rewarding than my previous role. The business is growing from strength to strength and financially it has also been very successful. I will be taking on new employees over the coming months and really feel that there is an exciting future”

Trevor Cullen, Managing Director

 “Following voluntary redundancy, I chose Personal Career Management as my outplacement company. They helped me achieve greater clarity, confidence and focus. As a result, I received a number of job offers but chose a role that has a Board Director career path, stock holding potential and a real opportunity to contribute to the direction and success of the company. I have recommended Personal Career Management to others, many times”

Peter Miller, Sales Director

After 25 years of working for the same company, finding a new job was never going to be easy. I was aware that I could be quite negative and this was not helping. I wanted a sounding board to help me evaluate my options and put in place some form of process and discipline to move my career forward. Personal Career Management helped me approach the market with renewed confidence. I found the process cathartic. They helped reinforce my key skills and assets which really helped me believe in myself much more and this undoubtedly made a difference with employers. I have been able to obtain some well-paid contracting roles which are perfect for me!”

Malcolm Hall, Retail Services Manager