Outplacement programmes and prices

Outplacement Programme

This programme is ideal for those who know exactly the role they are looking for next. Working on a one to one basis with your career coach, this programme provides the practical help, support and guidance needed to secure a new role in a highly competitive job market. This includes help with CVs, interviews, job search strategy, managing your on-line presence, dealing with agencies etc. It also includes research and information services and networking opportunities.

10 hours of career coaching

£3,250 ex VAT

Executive Outplacement Programme

This programme is for individuals who would benefit from a career review, career assessment and an exploration of their career options to bring greater clarity and focus to their job search. Help and guidance is then provided in all aspects of the job search process as per the outplacement programme.

16 hours of career coaching

£4,250 ex VAT

Director Outplacement Programme

This high-powered programme provides the support, guidance and practical tools to help Directors make informed career choices regarding their next career move and then achieve their desired career situation as quickly as possible. This programme includes all the key elements of the Executive outplacement programme but provides additional one to one career coaching that can be used for any career related issue within 3 years, as well as unlimited telephone support for 1 year.

18 hours of career coaching, 12 months unlimited telephone support

£5,000 ex VAT

Director + Outplacement Programme

This programme provides all of the key elements of the Director outplacement programme but offers additional coaching input to reflect the particular career challenges of those working at the most senior level. You might not use all of the allocated hours in one go but you have up to 3 years to use them for any career related matter.

40 hours of career coaching, 18 months unlimited telephone support

 £10,000 ex VAT

Find out more about our Director Outplacement Services.

The above options are our most popular outplacement programmes. However, all programmes are bespoke and suited to your budget and requirements, please contact us if the programme you require is not listed above.

Group Outplacement Workshops

We provide job search workshops and career clinics which can be a cost-effective outplacement solution where groups of staff are being made redundant.  These can be provided on the company’s premises, at Personal Career Management’s offices or at other venues as required.  Working closely with the HR team we will tailor these to your specific requirements.  The price for group workshops will vary so please contact us and we will be happy to send you a proposal.

Distance Outplacement Support

We have introduced Distance Outplacement programmes using Skype, which combine face to face support with the majority of the coaching taking place via video Skype. These programmes provide the same high quality coaching, still with some face to face support, at a reduced cost and may be more suitable due to your location.

Prices from £1,095 ex VAT

Self-Help Online Career Portal

icareercoach™ is our new, powerful, online career management, job search and career development resource. For those looking for a self – help resource you can now buy icareercoach™ separately. If you are working independently through icareercoach™, you will also have two x 1 hour video Skype sessions with a career coach. The first session will provide you with a personal road map for you to then work through and then you can have a further session along your journey. Find out more

Price £500 ex VAT

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