20th March 2012

Politics Show – Career Advice for older workers

Career Advice with Corinne Mills on the Politics Show

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8th February 2012

Watch Corinne Mills give her CV tips on BBC News ‘Show me the money’ programme

Corinne Mills, MD of Personal Career Management will be featuring on the ‘Show me the money’ programme on BBC News this Sunday 12th February at 9:30pm.

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23rd December 2011

BBC News: How to ask for a pay rise

We’d all like more money but simply asking for a pay rise is not enough – you’ll have to demonstrate why you deserve it

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23rd December 2011

BBC – Counting down to a jobless Christmas

There can be great pressure on families to splash out at Christmas. But with the jobless total rising, many are cutting back on their spending this year.

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21st November 2011

BBC – How to write a successful CV before applying for a job

A good curriculum vitae – or CV – is vital when looking for work, especially when there are numerous candidates for the same job, so what should it contain?

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8th June 2011

BBC Breakfast News: How to manage redundancy

BBC Breakfast News How to deal with redundancy Corinne Mills and Ed Smith Interview. May 31st 2011   NEWS READER: Ed Smith, who’s a feature writer for The Times along

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24th January 2011

Politics Show: Public to private sector

BBC Politics Show: How to make a career change from the public to private sector BBC Reporter Job Seeker: Duncan McCombie Career Coach: Corinne Mills Reporter: Corinne’s career coaching company

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26th August 2010

TV – BBC Midlands Today: Birmingham Job Cuts

Regional Director of Personal Career Management Jane Garrard spoke on the BBC News about the increasing rate in redundancy across our current economic climate and how she, along with her

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10th June 2010

BBC2 Working Lunch – Going back to the classroom

How to return to study BBC 2 Working Lunch Corinne Mills – Career Expert       With less jobs and more unemployment many people are going back to the

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8th June 2010

BBC2 Working Lunch – Going back to work after a career break

How to return to work after a career break BBC 2 Working Lunch Show   Managing Director of Personal Career Management Corinne Mills spoke on the BBC 2 Show ‘Working

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