9th February 2015

Guardian – How to spruce up your CV

Corinne Mills gives her top tips on how to spruce up your CV

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16th December 2014

Guardian – Why didn’t I get the job? How to ask for interview feedback

If your confidence has been knocked, asking for feedback can be a valuable learning experience

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1st December 2014

Guardian – Job interview nerves: top tips on how to keep your cool

If your interview nerves have cost you a job, here’s some expert advice from our panel

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13th November 2014

Guardian – How to deal with difficult people at work

Modern workplaces don’t always bring out the best in people. Corinne Mills explains how to deal with awkward colleagues

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5th November 2014

Guardian – How to deal with stress at work

To mark National Stress Awareness Day, career experts share their advice on dealing with mental health problems at work

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7th October 2014

Guardian – Six tips on how to make a successful career change

If you’re thinking about switching career paths, here’s some excellent advice from our panel of experts

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10th July 2014

Guardian: Is flexible working the best option for your job?

New legislation means employees have the right to request flexible working arrangements – but is it really for you?

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27th May 2014

Guardian – Interview and CV advice: top people to follow on Twitter

Social media is a great way to get job hunting tips in a instance. Here are our top tweeters for interview and CV help

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9th January 2014

Guardian – Career crossroads: how to move your work in a new direction

If you’re considering a career change, here are some things to think about before you take the plunge

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19th December 2013

Guardian: Do students need to be more assertive?

You invest a lot of time and money in your university degree, so stand up for yourself and ask for what you need

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