3rd June 2013

Guardian: How do you make sure your CV is saying the right things about you?

Your CV reveals far more about you than many people realise. So how can you ensure it is giving the right impression?

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7th May 2013

Guardian – May careers calendar: Keeping your professional development continuous

Employees are constantly being assessed on their knowledge and skills. So how can you stay on top of the game?

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2nd April 2013

Guardian – April careers calendar: why didn’t my application get shortlisted?

Understanding the job requirements and demonstrating your skills are key to successful applications

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25th March 2013

Guardian: HR – Your friend or foe?

Human resources portrays itself as a trusted adviser for management and staff alike, but others see it as the company hitman. Mark King looks at the good, bad and downright ugly

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5th March 2013

Guardian – March careers calendar: how to do a self-assessment on your skills

A skills assessment will identify all the key information about yourself that you need for an effective job search campaign

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7th February 2013

Guardian: February careers calendar: mapping your next move

Professional development doesn’t happen overnight – it takes time and planning to make career changes. Here are some tips on how to map out your next move

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13th September 2012

Guardian: 10 Steps to a Prolific Summer at Work

While your colleagues skip the office in a bid to find some sun, you could use the time to take stock, improve your contacts and forge a new routine

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13th July 2012

Guardian: Advice for the sports captain, advice for the captain of industry

Leadership tips for a schoolboy captain from sporting legends such as Gary Lineker could usefully be applied to the office

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14th May 2012

Guardian: 10 things not to say in a job interview

With many job hunters struggling to even get an interview, it would be doubly frustrating to throw the opportunity away by saying something stupid

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23rd April 2012

Guardian: The rise of the second job

Low wages, inflation and pay freezes mean that for more and more employees a second job is a necessity. But is having two roles necessarily a bad thing?

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