1st May 2014

MSN – 5 ways you’re self-sabotaging your career

Corinne Mills gives her insight into how you could be self-sabotaging your chances at work and how to give your career a boost…

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3rd March 2014

MSN – 5 second jobs to consider

Low wages, pay freezes and rising costs are forcing more of us to take on extra work. If you’re considering joining the one million people in the UK who already have a second job, what kind of opportunities are there, and how easy is it to do?

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5th February 2014

MSN – Office romance: dos and don’ts

With more of us working long hours – leaving less time and energy for dating – should we really be surprised when co-workers’ eyes meet across the water cooler?

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2nd January 2014

MSN: Embarrassing workplace blunders – and what you can do

We all make mistakes at work, some more embarrassing than others. Whether you got drunk at the office Christmas party or were caught taking a sickie, knowing the best course of damage limitation can help save face – and your career.

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23rd December 2013

MSN – How to cope with dismissal

Getting the sack, being fired, handed your P45 – however you describe it, being dismissed from work is never a pleasant experience.

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1st July 2013

MSN – How to decode job ads

You’ve found a job which sounds fantastic – but with so many (or so few) requirements listed, how can you tell what the company is really looking for?

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10th April 2013

MSN – 7 job hunting mistakes to avoid

Looking for work can be a hard (not to mention lonely and frustrating) experience and the last thing you want to do is scupper your efforts. Take a tip from the experts and discover the common pitfalls to avoid.

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9th April 2013

MSN – Delegation: a dos and don’ts guide

Delegation is a key management skill. Done right, it can develop the skills and confidence of your team, as well as freeing up your time to focus on important tasks. Done wrong, it could seriously damage your career. Avoid the pitfalls with our dos and do

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5th March 2013

MSN – Networking for introverts

If the prospect of networking fills you with dread or you think it’s something only extroverted people do, think again.

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4th February 2013

MSN – Workplace disputes – and how to handle them

A demanding boss, difficult clients, obstructive colleagues – the workplace can be fraught with problems. So what should you do next time you’re faced with a difficult situation? We asked the career experts for their advice

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