10th July 2014

Guardian: Is flexible working the best option for your job?

New legislation means employees have the right to request flexible working arrangements – but is it really for you?

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2nd July 2014

Telegraph – 8 ways to make sure you leave the office on time (and stand up to your power-crazy boss…)

This week, employees won the right to ask for flexible working. But for some that can never become a reality. Radhika Sanghani remembers those workers who are still stuck at their desks and suggests 8 ways they can cope with the culture of presenteeism

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1st May 2014

MSN – 5 ways you’re self-sabotaging your career

Corinne Mills gives her insight into how you could be self-sabotaging your chances at work and how to give your career a boost…

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23rd April 2014

Telegraph – ‘Blind’ CVs harm recruitment process

Taking away the personal details from CVs and job applications does more harm than good argues recruitment expert

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23rd April 2014

Telegraph – Dear Mrs Miller… career advice for the former Culture Secretary

Expert pens an open letter offering career coaching to the former Culture Secretary Maria Miller who resigned after the scandal over her expenses

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11th March 2014

The Independent: Changing career doesn’t have to mean mid-life drama

Going back to school has become a popular way to kickstart a career change

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10th March 2014

Making sure you’re valued at work

Jonathan Mills outlines the three key points

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12th February 2014

Woman & Home: Has your work life got sidetracked?

Three women whose careers had got stalled or stuck, tried different routes to see if they could find a new job that was right for them

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5th February 2014

MSN – Office romance: dos and don’ts

With more of us working long hours – leaving less time and energy for dating – should we really be surprised when co-workers’ eyes meet across the water cooler?

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9th January 2014

Guardian – Career crossroads: how to move your work in a new direction

If you’re considering a career change, here are some things to think about before you take the plunge

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