10th February 2015

Telegraph – How should you ask for a pay rise?

As David Cameron tells business leaders that Britain’s workers deserve a pay rise, here are 11 tips on how to secure that salary increase

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21st January 2015

Telegraph – Career going nowhere? Perhaps it’s because you’re fat

Overweight people will often have had to work harder than their slim counterparts to convince others they are good at their jobs, finds Rhymer Rigby

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18th December 2014

Telegraph – Here’s how not to kill your career at the office Christmas party

The office Christmas party is a minefield of alcoholic excess, dodgy dancing and saying things you later regret. Here’s how to negotiate it safely

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27th October 2014

Telegraph – Work worry: Should you use your smartphone in the office?

Should you use your smartphone in the office for personal use? Corinne Mills, MD of Personal Career Management gives her expert advice

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8th September 2014

Telegraph – How having 5 jobs in 10 years can harm your career

Getting the damaging label of ‘job-hopper’ can come by changing job once every two years. MD of Personal Career Management, Jonathan Mills gives his reasons why.

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29th August 2014

Telegraph – Out on your ear? Outplacement can help

For those who lose their jobs the world of “outplacement counselling” can offer a different view

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15th August 2014

Telegraph – You’re fired: Why is there such a stigma in getting the sack?

Getting fired seems to be one of the last workplace taboos. Corinne Mills, MD of Personal Career Management gives her opinion to the Telegraph

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31st July 2014

Telegraph – How to write the best CV

Expert recruiters hiring for some of Britain’s most sought-after jobs explain how to write a brilliant CV (and which howlers to avoid)

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31st July 2014

Telegraph – Young people rely on parents and friends for careers advice

Research suggests that poor formal careers advice could be stunting young people’s aspirations, as 84 per cent say they would like more input from school and teachers

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2nd July 2014

Telegraph – 8 ways to make sure you leave the office on time (and stand up to your power-crazy boss…)

This week, employees won the right to ask for flexible working. But for some that can never become a reality. Radhika Sanghani remembers those workers who are still stuck at their desks and suggests 8 ways they can cope with the culture of presenteeism

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