31st July 2014

Telegraph – Young people rely on parents and friends for careers advice

Research suggests that poor formal careers advice could be stunting young people’s aspirations, as 84 per cent say they would like more input from school and teachers

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2nd July 2014

Telegraph – 8 ways to make sure you leave the office on time (and stand up to your power-crazy boss…)

This week, employees won the right to ask for flexible working. But for some that can never become a reality. Radhika Sanghani remembers those workers who are still stuck at their desks and suggests 8 ways they can cope with the culture of presenteeism

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23rd April 2014

Telegraph – ‘Blind’ CVs harm recruitment process

Taking away the personal details from CVs and job applications does more harm than good argues recruitment expert

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23rd April 2014

Telegraph – Dear Mrs Miller… career advice for the former Culture Secretary

Expert pens an open letter offering career coaching to the former Culture Secretary Maria Miller who resigned after the scandal over her expenses

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11th December 2013

Telegraph – Students – perfect your C.V

Applying for a graduate job? You must make it as easy as possible for employers to see that you have the required abilities for that particular role, says Corinne Mills.

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15th October 2013

Telegraph – How to get a pay rise: the checklist

If you feel you are not being paid as much as you deserve, what is the best way to negotiate a pay rise? Here are the do’s and don’ts.

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26th September 2013

Telegraph – A cover letter can be more important than your CV

Your CV may be the shop window that displays your wares to a potential employer but a covering letter is the sign that attracts them in the first place.

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13th June 2013

Event: Celebrating 10 years in career coaching and outplacement

Personal Career Management celebrate 10 years in career management and outplacement services and are celebrating with an exciting event at the Telegraph

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13th September 2012

The Telegraph: Watch mock interview with jobs and careers expert

The Telegraph is following engineer Keith Parkin, 53, as he looks for a new job. Here he gets a mock interview and tips from career expert Corinne Mills. How will he do?

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10th October 2011

Telegraph – Careers advice: Switching to the private sector

Louisa Peacock advises a public sector worker looking to switch to the private sector to work on her confidence.

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