22nd June 2016

How to be a good team player – and not the office doormat

Career Builder How to be a good team player – and not the office doormat 15th June 2016

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14th June 2016

Seven interview mistakes that will lose you the job

Career Builder Seven interview mistakes that will lose you the job June 2016   Save

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24th March 2016

Career Builder – Be Your Own Career Coach

Career Builder Be your own Career Coach Who couldn’t use some guidance, motivation, or a fresh perspective on their career now and then? Working with an experienced career coach is

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22nd March 2016

Why should you take a career break?

Corinne Mills speaks to Stylist Magazine on why taking career break is not a bad idea and gives her top tips on the best way to go about it. Click

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21st January 2016

There’s A Right Way To Make A Lasting Impression At A New Job – This Is It

The Life Style edit Naomi Mdudu from The Life Style edit quizzed career guru Jo Thurman from Personal Career Management on everything you need to know making a lasting impression

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19th January 2016

Career Builder: 5 reasons why New Year’s careers resolutions are overrated

Career Builder Whether health and fitness or career-related, most of us forget our New Year’s resolutions within weeks. This year, why not break with tradition? Stop making the same old

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23rd December 2015

Career Builder: 5 ways to use ‘bridge days’ for career success

Career Builder Many businesses close down during the quiet period between Christmas and New Year. If you’re lucky enough to have some “bridge days” away from work, why not put

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20th November 2015

The Job Seekers Bible – top selling CV book

Chamber of Commerce Magazine The Job Seekers Bible – New edition of Corinne’s Mill’s CV book tops the rankings on Amazon. December/January 2015/16 Buy your copy now. Save

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18th November 2015

How to negotiate a pay rise

Negotiating a pay rise is a crucial career skill that is vital to master. Once learned, it will help you throughout your career. Rebecca McNamara, Client Resource Manager at Personal

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27th October 2015

Career Builder: How to respond to negative feedback

Career Builder No one likes to receive negative feedback at work – but handled the right way, you can use it to your advantage to improve your performance and relationships

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