28th July 2014

Marie Claire – 6 Mistakes People Make In The First Week At A New Job

To help ease the transition, Marie Claire have rounded up some of the most common – and most detrimental – mistakes that people make during their first week at a new job

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28th July 2014

Ignites Europe – How to challenge your boss

Corinne Mills writes for Ignites Europe and gives her views on how to challenge your boss

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25th July 2014

GAAPweb: Writing a personal statement on your Accountancy CV

Corinne Mills is the Managing Director of Personal Career Management and gives her top tips on how to write a personal statement for your Accountancy CV

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11th June 2014

Career Builder – What to tell your boss at your next appraisal

Love them or hate them, when it comes to yearly appraisals, it pays to be prepared.

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15th May 2014

SECS in the City – How to get your CV on the shortlist pile

Corinne Mills is the Managing Director of Personal Career Management , the leading career coaching company

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17th April 2014

Ignites Europe – How to cut down your after-hours emails

Corinne Mills, MD of Personal Career Management gives her top tips on cutting down after-hours emails

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25th March 2014

Totally Exec: Career Management tips for executives

Personal Career Management partner with Totally Exec providing professional career advice for executives

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24th February 2014

Ignites Europe – People Feature: Five signs it is time to jump ship

With the annual bonus season now over, career consultants say asset management professionals should take a closer look at their current job and assess whether now is the right time to move on.

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18th February 2014

Ideas Tap: How to talk money

If the thought of negotiating a fee or salary fills you with dread, you’re not alone. Many of us hate talking about money but being able to deal with the topic confidently is essential for a successful career. Thalia Thompson asks experts how to broach

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5th February 2014

Huffington Post: Career Zombies Awake! How to Rejuvenate Your Career Now That the Economic Upturn Is Here

Hurrah! Good news at last. A year ago everyone was worrying about the triple dip recession and whether the HR department’s slash and burn policy would be heading in their direction.

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