12th April 2017

Sky News: Bosses who are too supportive can cause problems for staff

Watch Career Coach and MD of Personal Career Management Corinne Mills on Sky News at 3:45pm on Wednesday 12th April. Corinne will be giving her career advice and talking about

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14th March 2017

BBC: How to improve your CV

The job market is extremely competitive and getting yourself shortlisted for a job can prove to be challenging even when you do have the skills or experience required. Understanding how

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20th February 2017

Corinne Mills features on Sky News – Women in the Boardroom

Corinne Mills, Career Coach and MD of Personal Career Management talks to Sky News on 20th February 2017 about ‘Women in the Boardroom’. Similar articles you might be interested in –

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22nd May 2012

CNN: Lying on your CV

Corinne Mills, expert career coach and MD of Personal Career Management, gives her career advice and coaching tips on the Yahoo CV scandal with CEO Scott Thompson.

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22nd May 2012

Sky News: How to make a career change

Corinne Mills gives her career tips on how to make a career change. 60% of workers want to change careers to move into their dream job but feel they have the lack of skills and money to make that career transition. Career expert Corinne Mills is an expert

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12th October 2011

Handling the economic climate on Sky News with Joel Hills

MD of Personal Career Management Corinne Mills was a guest on Sky News to discuss what challenges you might expect to experience in the current job market with News Reporter Joel Hills.

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11th May 2011

BBC News 24: Private sector jobs

Corinne Mills talks to BBC News 24 giving her tips on how to be competitive in todays job market

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2nd February 2011

ITV Daybreak – Economic Predictions

Watch Corinne Mills on ITV1 Daybreak discussing career options for 2011 and what’s in store.

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24th January 2011

Politics Show: Public to private sector

BBC Politics Show: How to make a career change from the public to private sector BBC Reporter Job Seeker: Duncan McCombie Career Coach: Corinne Mills Reporter: Corinne’s career coaching company

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23rd December 2010

Live on BBC Breakfast News: How to ask for a pay rise at work

Watch Corinne Mills talking about pay freezes with Simon Jack on BBC Breakfast News

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