2nd February 2011

ITV Daybreak – Economic Predictions

Watch Corinne Mills on ITV1 Daybreak discussing career options for 2011 and what’s in store.

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24th January 2011

Politics Show: Public to private sector

BBC Politics Show: How to make a career change from the public to private sector BBC Reporter Job Seeker: Duncan McCombie Career Coach: Corinne Mills Reporter: Corinne’s career coaching company

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23rd December 2010

Live on BBC Breakfast News: How to ask for a pay rise at work

Watch Corinne Mills talking about pay freezes with Simon Jack on BBC Breakfast News

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17th August 2010

Politics Show – Public sector job cuts

Budget cuts for public sector workers, steep dive into recession, the economy recovery is moving into a double dip

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13th July 2010

Press Release: Picked out as best in the field by Telegraphjobs

Personal Career Management has joined forces with Telegraph Media Group (TMG) as it relaunches its recruitment website, Telegraphjobs (www.telegraph.co.uk/jobs), to expand its career platform.

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24th June 2010

ITV News – Graduates out of work

ITV News ITV Graduates Career Advice – 25th June 2010 MD of Personal Career Management Corinne Mills was a guest on ITV News to talk about the challenges graduates are experiencing in the

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10th June 2010

BBC2 Working Lunch – Going back to the classroom

How to return to study BBC 2 Working Lunch Corinne Mills – Career Expert       With less jobs and more unemployment many people are going back to the

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