27th October 2014

Telegraph – Work worry: Should you use your smartphone in the office?

Should you use your smartphone in the office for personal use? Corinne Mills, MD of Personal Career Management gives her expert advice

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8th September 2014

Telegraph – How having 5 jobs in 10 years can harm your career

Getting the damaging label of ‘job-hopper’ can come by changing job once every two years. MD of Personal Career Management, Jonathan Mills gives his reasons why.

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29th August 2014

Telegraph – Out on your ear? Outplacement can help

For those who lose their jobs the world of “outplacement counselling” can offer a different view

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2nd July 2014

Telegraph – 8 ways to make sure you leave the office on time (and stand up to your power-crazy boss…)

This week, employees won the right to ask for flexible working. But for some that can never become a reality. Radhika Sanghani remembers those workers who are still stuck at their desks and suggests 8 ways they can cope with the culture of presenteeism

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27th May 2014

Guardian – Interview and CV advice: top people to follow on Twitter

Social media is a great way to get job hunting tips in a instance. Here are our top tweeters for interview and CV help

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14th February 2014

12th February 2014

Woman & Home: Has your work life got sidetracked?

Three women whose careers had got stalled or stuck, tried different routes to see if they could find a new job that was right for them

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10th February 2014

Secklow Sounds – Milton Keynes office

General Director of Personal Career Management in Milton Keynes speaks to Jim Cleland on the ‘All things MK’ show discussing career coaching and outplacement services

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5th February 2014

Huffington Post: Career Zombies Awake! How to Rejuvenate Your Career Now That the Economic Upturn Is Here

Hurrah! Good news at last. A year ago everyone was worrying about the triple dip recession and whether the HR department’s slash and burn policy would be heading in their direction.

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9th December 2013

FT – Advice for stalled graduate recruits

Graduates – How do you find opportunities, get noticed and build your own career ladder?

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