4th April 2012

Chemist & Druggist – Kick Start your career

With the number of people applying to pharmacy schools hitting a record high this year, the jobs market is only going to get tougher for new pharmacists

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20th March 2012

Politics Show – Career Advice for older workers

Career Advice with Corinne Mills on the Politics Show

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25th January 2012

Find your superpower, watch your career take flight?

It took Superman until his teenage years to discover his superpowers, but many of us take much longer to find our own, if we ever do at all.

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18th January 2012

Evening Standard – How to overcome your work fear

Worried about losing your job? You are not alone. But if your going to survive the grim employment environment this year, you need a strategy

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26th October 2011

Free Career Advice at the CIPD Annual HR Conference

Come and visit us at stand 4080 and get free career advice from our expert career coaches.

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10th October 2011

Telegraph – Careers advice: Switching to the private sector

Louisa Peacock advises a public sector worker looking to switch to the private sector to work on her confidence.

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10th October 2011

20th July 2011

Chemistry World – Managing Change: A helping hand

Sarah Houlton finds out who would benefit from a career coach. Most of us, apparently…

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22nd June 2011

Guardian: New year is the perfect time to think about what you want from your career

As new year’s career resolutions swing into action, it’s important to think about what you really want from a job so you don’t waste time applying for unsuitable roles

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19th May 2011

Corinne Mills elected as Chair of the CIPD’s Chiltern branch

Corinne Mills, MD of Personal Career Management has been elected as Chair of the CIPD’s Chiltern branch.

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