26th August 2015

Telegraph: How to go back to work after a summer holiday – and beat the blues

Telegraph How to go back to work after a summer holiday – and beat the blues 23 August 2015

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19th August 2015

Leaving the civil service? 7 career changes for civil servants

Guardian As ministers plan to cut up to 100,000 civil service jobs, here’s how your skills could help you move to a range of other sectors and industries. Leaving the

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7th October 2014

Guardian – Six tips on how to make a successful career change

If you’re thinking about switching career paths, here’s some excellent advice from our panel of experts

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8th September 2014

Telegraph – How having 5 jobs in 10 years can harm your career

Getting the damaging label of ‘job-hopper’ can come by changing job once every two years. MD of Personal Career Management, Jonathan Mills gives his reasons why.

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29th August 2014

Telegraph – Out on your ear? Outplacement can help

For those who lose their jobs the world of “outplacement counselling” can offer a different view

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12th February 2014

Woman & Home: Has your work life got sidetracked?

Three women whose careers had got stalled or stuck, tried different routes to see if they could find a new job that was right for them

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11th June 2013

Daily Express – Get your dream job

WHAT do you want to be when you grow up is a question we are asked frequently as children.

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22nd May 2012

Sky News: How to make a career change

Corinne Mills gives her career tips on how to make a career change. 60% of workers want to change careers to move into their dream job but feel they have the lack of skills and money to make that career transition. Career expert Corinne Mills is an expert

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2nd May 2012

Sky News: How to make a career change

How to make a career change Sky News Corinne Mills Interview NEWS READER: Now it probably comes as little surprise that 2/3’s of us want to change careers, what maybe

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10th October 2011

Telegraph – Careers advice: How do I get my old job back after changing careers?

Teachers have transferable skills, such as leadership and communication, but it won’t be easy to jump to the private sector, Louisa Peacock warns.

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