21st January 2015

Telegraph – Career going nowhere? Perhaps it’s because you’re fat

Overweight people will often have had to work harder than their slim counterparts to convince others they are good at their jobs, finds Rhymer Rigby

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16th December 2014

Guardian – Why didn’t I get the job? How to ask for interview feedback

If your confidence has been knocked, asking for feedback can be a valuable learning experience

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1st December 2014

Guardian – Job interview nerves: top tips on how to keep your cool

If your interview nerves have cost you a job, here’s some expert advice from our panel

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11th June 2013

Daily Express – Get your dream job

WHAT do you want to be when you grow up is a question we are asked frequently as children.

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14th May 2012

Guardian: 10 things not to say in a job interview

With many job hunters struggling to even get an interview, it would be doubly frustrating to throw the opportunity away by saying something stupid

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26th October 2011

Career seminar at the Guardian: How to get your next job

either going through redundancy, want to move in a different career direction or simply struggling to get the job you want

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15th March 2011

Corinne Mills talks to the Telegraph: How to conquer interview nerves

Corinne Mills talks to the Telegraph and gives her intake on how to prepare for interviews

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6th January 2011

BBC Radio Berkshire: Do wearing glasses help at interview?

Corinne Mills talks to Anne Diamond on BBC Radio Berks giving her advice on wether she feels glasses make a difference at interview

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5th October 2010

BBC Radio Berkshire: Is being bald a disadvantage

BBC Radio Berkshire Is being a bald a disadvantage at interview? by Corinne Mills 28 August 2010

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12th July 2010

City AM – Six short steps to better job interviews

City AM Six short steps to better job interviews You have a decision: do I go back to what I was doing, or can I direct my skills into other

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