22nd June 2016

Top tips on selecting an outplacement company

Telegraph Outplacement services can be of great benefit in supporting your transition into a new job read our top tips on choosing a provider. Top tips on selecting an outplacement

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16th June 2016

Guardian: How to handle school redundancies – tactfully

Corinne Mills gives her career advice to the Guardian on how to manage redundancies within schools. Click here to read the full article.

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20th May 2015

BBC News: Coping with redundancy

On a temporary stage in Leeds, early on the morning of 8 May 2015, a 48-year-old man was told his professional services were no longer required. Corinne Mills, MD of

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29th August 2014

Telegraph – Out on your ear? Outplacement can help

For those who lose their jobs the world of “outplacement counselling” can offer a different view

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10th February 2014

Secklow Sounds – Milton Keynes office

General Director of Personal Career Management in Milton Keynes speaks to Jim Cleland on the ‘All things MK’ show discussing career coaching and outplacement services

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13th July 2010

Guardian: Public sector job shedding provides opportunity for outplacement specialists

Outplacement services providers could benefit from large-scale public sectopr lay-offs. What do they provide, how much do they charge and how should they be handled?

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14th June 2010

Good news for Senior Managers job hunting in Birmingham

Birmingham City Council is shedding 2,000 jobs this year and with the purge on public sector spending and the impact on supporting businesses, redundant senior managers or those at risk, have got something to cheer about at last. Personal Career Manageme

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24th May 2010

BBC – Job losses felt across the board

One by one they introduced themselves in the council chambers in Newbury, from an architect and graphic designer to a logistics manager and international recruitment consultant.

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