27th October 2015

Grazia – Should We Talk About Our Salaries?

Regional Director of Personal Career Management Jane Garrard speaks to Grazia Magazine with her career advice on talking about salaries with colleagues. Thanks to you, this year Grazia helped change the law

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10th February 2015

Telegraph – How should you ask for a pay rise?

As David Cameron tells business leaders that Britain’s workers deserve a pay rise, here are 11 tips on how to secure that salary increase

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23rd April 2012

Guardian: The rise of the second job

Low wages, inflation and pay freezes mean that for more and more employees a second job is a necessity. But is having two roles necessarily a bad thing?

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23rd December 2011

BBC News: How to ask for a pay rise

We’d all like more money but simply asking for a pay rise is not enough – you’ll have to demonstrate why you deserve it

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