Hate your job but can’t quit? 6 ways to stay motivated

If your in a job and quitting is simply out of the question you might find these career tips by career expert Corinne Mills helpful in keeping you motivated. These tips will also work in your favour when it comes to transitioning into a new role.

  1. Consider volunteering either in your spare time or many organisations now will arrange employer sponsored volunteering where you work with charitable projects supported by the company
  2. Turbo-charge your skills development – look out for training courses, find a mentor or coach, take an evening class, get yourself to conferences or professional forums to update your knowledge and expertise
  3. Suggest you spend some time with another department, or a customer or supplier to strengthen relationships or improve processes – this also gives you a change of scene
  4. Look for ways to enrich your job with things you are interested in, maybe you could offer to train or induct new recruits, write some content for the social media sites, or organise a social event
  5. Plan your exit.  You might not be able to go right away but you can brush off your CV and LinkedIn profile, start networking and contacting agencies.  Maybe an opportunity will come up which is too good to miss
  6. Express your entrepreneurial spirit by starting a business in your spare time.  This might be an online retail site, a part-time franchise opportunity, or providing services like tutoring or translation.  Perhaps you can run this alongside your main job until it’s bringing you in enough revenue to quit your day job


Corinne Mills is MD of Personal Career Management and an experienced career coach. For more information on how career coaching can help your career whether for on the job coaching, outplacement support or job search advice please get in touch to see how we can help.