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Career Development

The word “Career” means different things to people.  Some people are ambitious while others have different priorities.  However, most employees want career development to help improve their prospects for pay, employability and job satisfaction.

Yet Managers are often unclear about how to have a meaningful career conversation with their staff.

Our Career Conversation training helps Managers motivate staff, unlock their potential and keep in-demand talent on-board.

It’s a win-win!

An internal company 1 to 1 interview

Career Conversation Training

What is your “Career”

Understanding the personal, organisational and wider influences which determine how we view our “career”

Role, purpose and boundaries

Who is doing what in the career conversation, clarity of purpose and boundaries

Conversation framework

A clear facilitation roadmap with questions which encourage thoughtful and positive discussions

Career Development ideas

Goody bag of career development ideas, many of which are low or no-cost and easy to implement

Practising your skills

Practising your career conversation skills in the session with a colleague

Challenging scenarios and problem-solving

How to manage complex real-life scenarios drawn from the group

On-going support and action learning

Follow-up supervision and action learning sessions to share and reinforce learning

Development and Retention services

Who is this suitable for?

  • Managers, Team Leaders and Project Managers
  • Internal coaches and mentors
  • HR and Learning and Development
  • Anyone advising others in their career

The session is tailored to the group depending on whether they already have some training in coaching or active listening.

Benefits of Career Conversation Training

Re-energise employees with added job interest

Grow employee capabilities, improve promotion prospects and visibility

Develop the potential of all your workforce

Improve the diversity and inclusiveness of your talent pipeline

Strengthen your talent and succession plans

Support future leaders and uncover potential flight risks

Enrich organisational knowledge

Encourage knowledge sharing and greater cross-working

Reduce recruitment and retention costs

Grow in-house talent and maximise ROI on talent costs

Training Programmes

These can be delivered in person or virtually, as intensive or bite-sized sessions.

Career Conversation Training


From £850+ VAT for a virtual webinar


From £1500+ VAT for an in-person workshop

“Our Board and all of our Managers undertook Career Conversation Training with Personal Career Management. The resulting career conversations with the staff gave us much clearer information about what our staff wanted, in particular that while not all of our support staff wanted promotion, they all wanted professional development and that this would be a key factor in helping retain them. We’ve amended our development spend as a result.”

Simon Gosney, Dimensions UK

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    Is the training delivered virtually or in person?

    We can deliver training virtually or in person.  The format will be different depending on the medium.

    How will this help if there are very limited opportunities for progression in a company?

    Regardless of the size of your organisation and its internal career paths, there are always career development possibilities which can be suggested which are meaningful to the individual and helpful for the organisation.