Group Outplacement

icareercoach™. Webinars. Coaching.

Outplacement for groups

Whether you are looking to support 5 or 5,000 staff members leaving the business, we can help.

Our range of options, offer great flexibility to suit the needs of your staff, your budget and logistics.

We’ve outlined below some sample programmes and pricing but we’ll be happy to talk you through different options, advise on what might work best for you and create a customised proposal for you.

We can often offer even further cost savings for higher volume projects.

Group outplacement programme team

icareercoach™ includes:

Our online outplacement portal contains over 10,000 different e-learning features on every job search and career management issues including:

  • CV advice with an interactive CV builder
  • Interview simulator and elevator pitch creator 
  • Career assessments with personalised feedback
  • 100s of videos and features on every career topic
  • Information on career paths and options 
  • Job board and alerts for notifications
  • Advice on self-employment, consultancy, etc.
  • Access to our recruiter and company database
  • Leadership training modules from Ashridge/Hult
Choosing an outplacement company

Job Search Webinars include:

Getting started with group outplacement

Webinar one: Getting Started

Looking after yourself: Identifying skills and strengths: Getting organised

LinkedIn & CVs webinars

Webinar two: LinkedIn & CVs

How to create CVs and LinkedIn profiles that get you noticed and shortlisted

Preparing for interviews and job-hunting strategies

Webinar three: Interviews

Preparing for interviews and job-hunting strategies

Career Coaching includes:

Employees very much welcome the opportunity to speak with a career coach to answer their queries on a range of topics such as:

  • How to articulate what they have to offer
  • Advising on career options
  • Crafting CV, LinkedIn profiles & applications
  • Dealing with agencies and head-hunters
  • How to get shortlisted on recruitment sites
  • Interviews, networking and presentations
  • Building confidence

Talking about group outplacement

Flexible Configuration

When configuring your outplacement package, start with icareercoach™
and then add webinars and career coaching to suit.


Start with icareercoach™

Our online outplacement portal is packed with information designed especially for those looking for their next role. Select just icareercoach™ or top up with webinars and or coaching


+ Add Webinars

Choose from live interactive sessions or recorded on-demand


+ Add Career Coaching

Individual career coaching sessions for careers help and advice

icareercoach™ only

6 months Access

(other options available)


1- 5 staff

£150 + VAT per person

6 – 20 staff

£130 + VAT per person

21 + staff

£ 110 + VAT per person

icareercoach™ plus Webinars

6 months icareercoach™ plus
Access to pre-recorded webinars

(other options including live webinars or workshops also available)

icareercoach™ plus Webinars 

1 – 5 staff

£210 + VAT per person

6 – 20 staff

£190 + VAT per person

21+ staff

£170 + VAT per person

icareercoach™ plus Webinars and Coaching

6 months Access to icareercoach™ plus

Access to Pre recorded webinar plus

1 hour of career coaching via Zoom

(other options available)

icareercoach™ plus Webinars and Coaching

1- 5 staff

£435 +VAT per person

5 – 20 staff

£390 + VAT per person

21+ staff

£ 345 + VAT per person

The Next Step

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