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Looking to be a career coach?

If you are interested in training as a career coach or considering joining our team, and have what it takes, then get in touch. You’ll need to fulfil the criteria and pass our selection process, and in return, we provide all the necessary training and support to launch your own career as a career coach. Compared to operating independently, you’ll have all the systems and support you need as well as working under the UK’s leading brand with the potential to both have work given to you as well as the option to bring in your own work. You’ll also be working alongside others who are highly skilled and share our values of best practice and innovation so your coaching career can really develop and flourish.

What skills do you need?

To become a Licenced Career Coach you will receive full training in career coaching on an intensive course and will also have all the support you need to coach clients. You can also bring business in and you’ll earn more as a result. In time, you may also want to run your own office as a franchisee.

You’ll need to have the following background, experience and qualities:

  1. A strong interest in career management
    You will already have a strong interest in working in this area and have been involved in personal development activities either for yourself or your staff in your career to date. You must be genuinely interested in delivering coaching.
  2. Senior background
    Our clients are typically senior managers or at board level, so it’s important that you are comfortable working alongside people operating at this level and have an understanding of the issues they face.
  3. A passion for delivering a quality, customer-focused service
    You’ll have experience in delivering customer-focused products or services and a passion for ensuring customer care.
  4. Be prepared to learn and continually develop
    We will provide intensive training and support to enable you to become a first-class coach.  You must be prepared to learn and demonstrate that you take continuous personal development seriously.
  5. Autonomy and compliance
    This is a superb opportunity with the superb support and guidance of a central team. You will need to be able to work on your own whilst always adhering to a structured system of operation.

As a Licenced Career Coach you’ll benefit from:

  • Comprehensive induction and training programme
  • Option to work full or part-time
  • Most of the administration is dealt with centrally
  • Operations manuals covering relevant areas of the business
  • Benefit from a group network
  • Support if you are interested in bringing in your own work
  • Benefit from national partnerships, relationships and brand awareness
  • New clients through our website and national promotions
  • Client support for information resources for their job search campaigns

As a Licenced Career Coach, you’ll coach clients under a proven system and with a highly regarded brand, with all the help and support you need. You’re your own boss, able to determine your hours, but not alone.

You’ll have all the support and training you need to ensure you are able to grow and develop as a career coach.

To find out more about training as a Licenced Career Coach, the costs involved, and our next training dates get in touch.

For an initial discussion send your CV via the contact form below and one of our franchise team will be in touch.

Alternatively, contact the franchise team on 01753 888995.

Moving on to running your own office as a Franchisee

If you would like to do this full-time, run and grow your own business and are also happy bringing business in yourself, then take a look at our Franchisee option. We operate regional Personal Career Management Centres across the UK under franchise and there may be one available close to you. We use different selection criteria for these roles.  If you are interested in potentially running a franchise, we would like to hear from you.


This is an investment opportunity. Anyone considering buying a Licence should seek professional advice before doing so and take their own steps to check the information provided here and elsewhere. Like any business, there are risks associated with buying a business.

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