Changing Career

Finding the best fit for you!

Making smart career decisions

Changing career is a big decision.  You’re much more likely to be successful when you’re clear about what you want and why, understand your options and are realistic about what’s involved.

The good news is that there are always more options than you think, but some of them will be a better fit for you and easier to achieve than others.

Our career coaching team are specialists in helping people make positive changes in their career. They’ll help you identify and reality-check suitable options that meet your needs and enable you to be at your best at work.

Employee Outplacement

Career Explorer Programme Elements

Career review

Understanding your career story, the experiences and influences that have shaped your career to date and what this means for the future

Discover your Professional profile

Identify your strengths, motivators and work style to articulate what you have to offer, how you work at your best and areas of potential

Exploring possibilities

Advice on suitable options whether it’s making changes in your current career situation, making an external move, a change in career direction or working in a different way

Decision making

Reality-checking ideas to help you make clear, confident, well-informed decisions and tackling any career dilemmas or blocks

Career action plan

Creating a personalised career roadmap to help you achieve your career goals

Personal effectiveness

Building confidence and capabilities, including strategies and support in dealing with any current workplace challenges

Personal Career Management

Who is the Career Explorer programme suitable for?

The insights gained on the programme are ideal for anyone who is:

  • Feeling stuck career-wise
  • Interested in considering different options
  • Needing to re-energise their career or rebuild confidence
  • Keen to understand and develop their potential
  • Wanting to develop a career action plan for the future


Benefits of Career Explorer

Clarity about your next move

Greater happiness and job satisfaction

Uncover opportunities that you would otherwise miss

Work in a role where you can shine

Fast-tracking your Career

Explorer Programme

Ideal for those wanting to make the right decision for their next move:

  • Career Self-discovery
  • Identifying career capital
  • Exploring options
  • Practical career action plan
  • Managing current work situation
  • Coaching to realise your potential

Career Explorer


10 hours of coaching


  • 12 months access to icareercoach™
  • Invitations to networking events
  • Membership of Personal Career Management Alumni Community


£2800 inc VAT via Zoom

Combined Programme

This programme combines both the Explorer and the Job Search programmes and is suitable for those who want to understand how to be at their best at work, consider their options, and also access advice and support to help them find their new role:

  • Career Self-discovery
  • Identifying career capital
  • Exploring options
  • CV, LinkedIn and help with applications
  • Personal branding and reputation building
  • Job Search strategy
  • Networking techniques
  • Interview preparation
  • Managing Head-hunters and Recruiters
  • Confidence and resilience coaching
  • Salary negotiation
  • On-boarding in new role
  • In the job coaching

Combined Programme


20 hours of coaching


  • 18 months access to icareercoach™
  • 18 months access to business intelligence
  • 18 months access to research services including contact information for recruiters and companies
  • Invitations to networking events
  • Membership of Personal Career Management Alumni Community


£5000 inc VAT via Zoom

“I felt comfortable right from the start in working with Personal Career Management. My coach helped me process what was happening at work and gave the practical support and advice I needed to move from what was a stressful situation. They helped me look at my options and I’m now working in a new role that I enjoy and I feel so much happier and less stressed.”

The Next Step

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    Exploring Options and Career Change FAQs

    How else the Career Explorer help you?

    The Career Explorer programme will help you:

    • Assess your “career capital” and potential
    • Clarify and focus your priorities
    • Review your career options and generate ideas
    • Reality-test options to make sure the plans are robust
    • Make an informed decision
    • Devise a practical action plan to achieve the transition into your new role/or self-employment

    How does the Career Explorer programme work?

    You’ll be working on a one-to-one basis with one of our career change specialists throughout your programme.

    They will be asking questions to understand more about you.  We will also use career assessments through our icareercoach platform to help capture information about your strengths, motivators etc.

    Together, you will then use this information to identify suitable options and work through decisions.

    The programme also often involves discussions of how to manage your current career situation, especially if you are dealing with some difficult challenges.

    Do you only work with people from corporate backgrounds who have had a more conventional career?

    We work with people from all backgrounds, including those in the public and voluntary sector, creative professionals, academics, ex-military, those who have been running their own business as well as people wanting to return to work after a career break.  Whatever your background and career story, we’ll be happy to help

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