Settlement Agreements

Everything you need to know about settlement agreements

We can help with your  Settlement agreement requirement whether it’s for yourself as the employee, or if you’re in HR and are arranging this for an employee or if you’re an employment lawyer looking on behalf of the employer or employee.

If you’re the individual and are being asked to sign a Settlement Agreement then go here first.

If you’re the employer handling a settlement Agreement go here first.

If you’re an employment lawyer looking for outplacement on behalf of your client follow the relevant link above.

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Settlement Agreement for yourself

You can find advice and everything you need for your Settlement Agreement including:

  • What is a Settlement Agreement
  • How to negotiate a Settlement Agreement
  • Links for finding an employment lawyer
  • How to get outplacement support included

Settlement Agreement advice for HR

Here you’ll find helpful advice on a number of  areas for handling a Settlement agreement or managing redundancies for one or more employees. This includes:

  • General advice and support
  • Outplacement Support for Directors
  • Outplacement Support for Individual staff
  • Outplacement Support for Groups of staff
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