Career Coaching Services

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Personal Career Management are the leading career coaching company, working with thousands of people  from all sectors and professions to help them make smart career decisions and bring their best selves to work.

When people are in the right job, playing to their strengths and interests and with opportunities to grow, everyone benefits.  Individuals are more likely to stay longer and perform better, meaning the organisation has higher-performing staff, can more easily promote from within and reduce its people costs.

Career Coaching for Organisations
Woman enjoying her job thanks to Personal Career Management

Our corporate career coaching services include:

  • Career coaching for talent groups such as those on leadership programmes or EDI networks
  • Individual coaching for those with professional challenges
  • Career clinics available to all staff for one-off career coaching sessions

For individuals, our coaching programmes help them:

  • Discover how they can work at their best
  • Explore options and make smart career decisions
  • Land the job they want

Check out our corporate and individual pages to find out more information on how we help.

Career Coaching for Individuals