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22nd June 2022

5 Things to think about when choosing an Outplacement provider

If you are transitioning from your current role, your employer may have provided some Outplacement support for you. You might be able to choose your own provider or alternatively, you

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1st June 2022

Is career coaching worth the cost?

Guardian Journalist Anna Tims came to put us to the test. Seeking to answer the question; is career coaching worth the cost? Anna tells all in her honest and impartial

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17th May 2022

Free Career Reviews at the Franchise Exhibition

Personal Career Management will be offering free 10-minute career reviews at The British & International Franchise Exhibition on the 17 & 18 June at Olympia London. The career reviews are

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6th May 2022

Staff Retention: How to Improve your staff retention rate

This article will discuss why you should track your staff retention rate, how to calculate it, and how to use the information to improve your company culture and bottom line.

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20th April 2022

How to prove you are a leader, whatever your position

Making the move from ‘doing’ to ‘leading’ is one of the toughest transitions you’ll make in your career. Whether you’re a star team player about to be promoted into your

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7th April 2022

Benefits of using a career coach

What are the benefits of working with a career coach when looking for your next role

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23rd March 2022

How to Succeed at Every Interview You Go To!

Jane Garrard, Regional Director for Personal Career Management in Ipswich gives her top tips on how to successfully prepare and perform at interview.

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9th March 2022

Ten tips for writing an interview winning CV

Jane Garrard, Regional Director for Personal Career Management Ipswich gives her top ten tips on writing a winning CV

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16th February 2022

Show Me the Money! How to Get a Pay Rise

When it comes to asking for a pay rise it can be about as much fun as a root canal filling. A survey by recruiters Robert Half showed around 52%

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3rd February 2022

Why outplacement support for a Director is important

Colin Lloyd, Regional Director for Personal Career Management in Leeds talks about why outplacement support is important for Directors

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