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What do you want from your career?

Working in a role you enjoy, feeling purposeful, playing to your strengths, being successful, can be life-enhancing.  When you’re not where you want to be career-wise, it can be frustrating, uncomfortable and sometimes even soul-destroying.

Most of us have to work to pay our bills, but that doesn’t mean you need to be a wage slave.

We’ve worked with thousands of people to help them achieve their career potential, move into a role they really want and enjoy a much more rewarding working life.  Unsurprisingly, this often means they are  much happier in their personal life too.


Personal Career Management

Our Career Coaching Programmes

Personal Career Management

Executive and Director

Career planning and support for Senior Executives

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Personal Career Management


Career support for those in their 30s, 40s, and 50s.

View Mid-Career Programmes
Consultation with a career coach

Graduate and Early Career

For recent graduates and those relatively new to the workplace

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Personal Career Management

Career Change

Ideal for those considering a change in career direction

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A woman looking for executive coaching

Career Management

Supporting ambitious professionals to advance their career

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Personal Career Management

Job Hunting

Advice and support for a successful job search campaign

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Employee Outplacement

Outplacement Support

Career and job search programmes if you’re leaving

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Employer Settlement Agreements

Settlement Agreements

Settlement agreements, redundancy and exits

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A number of career development tools on icareercoach™

Online Career Coaching

Our online career platform icareercoach™

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Guardian - Personal Career Stories

Everyone has a story that is unique.

Our clients share their Personal Career Stories.

We’ll help you discover where your next adventure lies.

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    Individual Services FAQs

    Do you work with people like me?

    We’ve worked with thousands of people from very different professional backgrounds with unique career challenges so while we may not have worked with you before, the challenges you face are likely to be common ones that we help people with.

    To make sure we can help you, we always offer a free initial consultation where we discuss in confidence your situation, explain more about how we work so that we’ll all be clear that this is a good fit before you commence any of our programmes.  Give us a ring and let’s talk!

    Who is career coaching suitable for?

    Our programmes are great for anyone who cares about their career.  Talk to us if you are:

    • Looking for a new job that’s a better fit or following redundancy
    • Feeling stuck career-wise and are unsure about what next
    • Frustrated with the job market and being overlooked for jobs you want
    • Needing to re-build your career confidence
    • Dealing with a challenging situation in your current role

    What’s involved in your coaching programmes?

    You’ll work on a one to one basis with a specialist career coach over a series of meetings to help you achieve your career goals

    There will be relevant exercises, questionnaires or practical tasks to complete which will be discussed in depth at the sessions

    Practical help will be provided with all aspects of marketing your skills to an employer, including finding suitable roles, CVs and interview preparation etc.

    To accelerate your job search, you will have access to comprehensive resource materials and specialist databases as well as networking opportunities

    Your coach will advise you on job offers, salary negotiation and can even help you achieve a smooth transition into your new role

    We can even provide coaching in your new role and beyond

    What are the benefits to career coaching?

    Our client surveys show that typical outcomes include the following:

    • Moving into a desired new role
    • Increased earnings/salary package even where this was not a priority
    • Finding a new role quickly after redundancy or a career break
    • Planned transition into self-employment
    • Improved career status within current organisation
    • Reduced stress and improved home life

    How do I know which coaching programme is right for me?

    Talk to us!  Let’s discuss your situation and we’ll recommend the programme that we think will best help you achieve your goals.