Outplacement Services

Provide career transition support for employees leaving your organisation as a result of redundancy.

Why Outplacement Matters

Making staff redundant is never easy, not for the individual or for the organisation.  Our outplacement services are for organisations who want to provide both practical and emotional support to individuals during the redundancy process, at what can be a difficult time.

We provide expert career advice for individuals as they explore opportunities for new job roles.  Our redundancy outplacement support is personalised and tailored to each individual’s needs.  We’ll also work closely with you to recommend outplacement solutions which work well for your people and are within your budget.



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How Do Employers Benefit from Outplacement?

Staff engagement and trust

Employees who can access outplacement support for their career transition are far more likely to work constructively to the end of their employment.

Frees up time

Using career and outplacement experts frees up the time of the HR team and managers who don’t often have the time or career expertise to meet employees’ career transition needs.

Reduces conflicts

Redundancy and situations can cause and exacerbate existing tensions but, where outplacement support is provided, there tends to be far fewer legal disputes and employment conflicts.

Protects employer reputation

At a time when there can be difficult PR and internal dissatisfaction, supporting staff with their career transition shows you are a caring employer to both internal staff and wider audiences.

Staff wellbeing and success

Our outplacement services help your employees manage their career transition successfully, reducing anxiety and sending employees more positively and healthily into their next role.

Future talent attraction

When staff feel their career transition has been supported following redundancy, then alumni are far more likely to consider a return at a later date or recommend the company to others.

Outplacement Services

Why Personal Career Management?

For over 20 years, we have been working with organisations to provide the very best in outplacement and career management services. Our expertise has helped thousands of individuals  to move successfully into not just any role, but one where they will thrive and will love Monday Mornings.

Our expertise combined with the very latest technology enables us to provide a personalised outplacement service that works for everyone.  Organisational restructuring and managing redundancies are complex and tricky, but we’ll work with you to provide an outplacement solution which will make a positive difference to both your people and your organisation.

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