Introducing Yourself

Relevant. Authentic. Impactful.

Hello I’m……

Whether introducing yourself in person or writing your business profile online, this is your opportunity to positively influence perceptions for you and your company.

Despite this most people aren’t sure what to say, sharing little useful information beyond their job title.

This training session shows people how to introduce themselves in a way that is relevant and interesting for their audience and full of positive impact.  It will also be completely sincere and genuine so that even those with less confidence can introduce themselves easily.


Personal Career Management

Programme elements

Tell me about Yourself

The key ingredients of an effective introduction

What do you want people to know about you?

Articulating your strengths, achievements and interests

Striking the right tone

Energised words and body language for positive impact

Experimenting and practising

Crafting your introduction and trying it out

Online profiles – Company website and LinkedIn

Introducing yourself online to a wider audience

Personal Career Management

Suitable for:

  • Any employee whose credibility is important to the organisation, it’s customers and stakeholders
  • Those wanting to build a wider reputation and visibility
  • Nervous networkers or those less confident in talking about themselves positively



Impressing customers and stakeholders

Supporting introverted or less confident staff

More impactful Brand Ambassadors

The art of introducing yourself

Career Conversation Training


From £850+ VAT for a virtual webinar


From £1500+ VAT for an in-person workshop

““This was a very enjoyable course. For someone who struggles to know what to say about myself, it gave me a structure, helped me practice and I felt so much more confident afterwards.”

J.L. Course Participant

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    Is this suitable for those who are shy?

    It’s ideal for those don’t feel comfortable introducing themselves as it will give them a structured response they can draw on.  They will be practising these skills on the workshop so as long as they are willing to give it a try, they will gain enormously from the session.

    Can you develop a bespoke course for our employees on how to introduce themeselves?

    Yes, absolutely.  We’d love to hear more about what you’re after so get in touch and let’s talk.