Executive Coaching

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Executive coaching for directors and leaders

Our executive coaching programmes help individuals to be at their best, growing their capabilities, maximising personal effectiveness and inspiring positive change.

These programmes are also valuable for emerging leaders, on-boarding newly promoted staff and supporting diversity and inclusion initiatives.


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Executive Coaching Programme Elements

Understanding you

Understanding your workplace personality and the dynamic with others

Leadership skills

Managing and influencing, transformation, strategy and driving results

Work challenges

Exploring complex issues and gaining fresh perspectives and strategies

Supporting resilience

Space to decompress, reflect, build confidence and energy

Personal branding

Building a positive reputation and visibility in person and online

Career management

Career planning and advice for those at a career transition point

Executive Coaching is typically suitable for:

Our coaching programmes are always tailored to the specific needs of the individual and the organisation but they are especially suitable for senior leaders and professionals who:

  • Want to develop their leadership capabilities
  • Need a sounding board to discuss tough professional challenges
  • Have lost some confidence, energy or are feeling overwhelmed
  • Find themselves at a professional crossroads
  • Need advice on their career management

Benefits of Executive Coaching

Effective leaders

Key decision-makers operating at their best

Inspiring role models

Influencing organisational culture from the top

Happier teams and stakeholders

Improved people and relationship management

Supporting well-being

Building confidence, energy and resilience

Retention and continuity

Keeping your talent on-board and engaged

Executive Coaching Programme Pricing

Our programmes usually consist of 6 x 1.5 hour sessions which can be extended.  However, we can also offer shorter or longer programmes which may accompany other in-house leadership development initiatives.

Executive Coaching Programme


Introductory scoping session

6 x 1.5 hour sessions of one to one coaching with your coach

3 way meetings with coaching sponsors can also be arranged


£4,000 +VAT via Zoom

In person coaching onsite or at our offices can also be arranged.
Please contact us to discuss pricing.

“Personal Career Management are expert at helping you think strategically about your career and have helped me to develop my skill set to remain resilient and agile in an ever changing work environment. Having experienced their service for myself, I have then recommended their services to other colleagues and for two different organisations I have worked for. I highly recommend Personal Career Management for their professionalism and integrity.”

Iain Bailey, Senior HR Leader and FCIPD

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    Executive Coaching FAQs

    How do you match individuals with their coach?

    We always offer an introductory scoping session with one of our Senior Directors to discuss objectives and explain how the coaching will work.  This allows us to get to know the individual so we can then match them with the member of our coaching team who will be the perfect match for them.

    How do you measure the success of the coaching?

    We’ll agree objectives at the start of the objective, review progress half way through and then do a final assessment at the end to capture outcomes.  We encourage the individuals to share these with their Managers.  The organisation will usually also conduct their own evaluation with the coachee and their manager.  They may also measure other outcomes like promotions or other internal career moves, before and after coaching 360 degree feedback, improved performance reviews etc depending on objectives.

    Do you offer 3 way meetings with the Manager or coaching sponsor?

    Yes we are happy to do this.  This can be very helpful to agree objectives and measure outcomes.  This meeting will be be charged for separately.

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