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Shelby identified and targeted the perfect role for her. She applied for three roles, got all three interviews and landed three job offers!


Elin was an international jet setter who found herself considering changing company, industry, and continent all at the same time!


Siobhan Beatty had spent 22 years working for a financial services company. She had set up the HR department and then achieve ground breaking work in the area of CSR. However the difficult economic climate meant that her role was made redundant. This left Siobhan, aged 52, wondering what she could do that would give her the creativity and satisfaction of her previous job. She wanted to do something completely different but wasn’t sure if she was brave enough. “I found it incredibly empowering working with Personal Career Management. I had a vision of becoming a teacher but I needed someone to interrogate me to see whether I was being practical. I was over 50, with three children and other responsibilities so I knew it was a big lifestyle change and a risk. My career coach really helped me to think this through and make sure it was right for me. I’m now teaching English and loving it.”

Siobhan Beatty

Nigel Best was made redundant after six years as a Director of Business Development in the Defence Sector. His redundancy came out of the blue. He spent months looking for a job and was beginning to despair as he’d got down to the last stage of interview three times in a row and failed to get the job each time. He researched a number of companies and decided to work with Personal Career Management. “It was brilliant for giving me back my confidence, making sure my CV was making the most of my relevant expertise and that my interview technique wasn’t letting me down. Within a few weeks I had three job offers and actually had to choose between them all. My new job is in Business Development as before with a comparable salary and package. Considering the position I’d been in before Christmas it was an amazing turnaround in a very quick time.”

Nigel Best

Sharon Collins was in senior management working in social housing. She had an excellent salary and a large team of people working for her but unfortunately found herself being made redundant. Despite the success Sharon gained in her career, she had been toying with the idea of working for herself. The challenge was to have a stimulating career which paid the bills, but enabled her to spend the quality time she really wanted to spend with her children. “My coach was invaluable in helping me to make that transition between self employment and my previous career. He helped with the change process and played devil’s advocate around the business planning and without his input, I think it would have been very difficult to make the transition.”

Sharon Collins

Following the huge success of her role as Director of Human Resources at the British Library, Mary could have gone on to an even bigger job. But all big jobs require you to work 24/7, and give your heart and soul to your organisation. She decided that she had been on the hamster’s wheel long enough and wanted to have a really good look at the opportunities open to her. “I wanted a job which excited and challenged me but fitted in with my value base. Personal Career Management played a really significant role in this process. My coach spent a lot of time working with me to identify my skills and the areas I wanted to work in. When you are made redundant, however valued you feel at your organisation, you do find your confidence is dented. I was concerned about being over 50 and how people would perceive me in a new role. My coach helped me to look inside myself and see how much I had to offer another organisation.“


“We appointed Personal Career Management to carry out outplacement workshops for employees who were at risk of redundancy. The level of service, flexibility and professionalism was exceptional and we received nothing but positive feedback from the attendees. I would have no hesitation in recommending Personal Career Management and look forward to working with them in the future whether with outplacement, coaching or career workshops.”

Gemma Bicknell, HR Manager - Avnet

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