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“From my first interaction with Personal Career Management, I was impressed by the very personal service they offered. Having been made redundant, they focused on me and what I needed to secure a new role. The personal coaching, advice and gentle persuasion allowed me to think about what I wanted to do and really helped me to secure the right role. The support from Personal Career Management has exceeded my expectations from the start of the process. I would highly recommend Personal Career Management.”

David Barrett - David Barrett, Commercial Director

“Working with Personal Career Management has helped me to focus on key areas including, those that I did not even recognise needed attention, which helped me see possibilities and options that I did not know existed. I cannot under-estimate how critical this will be for my future. My coach championed me by giving just the right balance of challenge and support, which made me feel like I can take on the world. My confidence is still sky-high because she helped me find a way to believe in myself. In short, my coach was a gift to me. I feel so privileged to have worked with someone with such deep insight and I truly think I have found ways to make the rest of my life more fulfilling than I ever could have believed.”

Julie Bond - Julie Bond, Head of Data, Digital and Change

“I was at a crossroads in my career – both in terms of direction and success in applying for new roles. I felt I needed some career guidance on how and where to apply my skills and experience. The career coaching helped me to realise the possibilities and sharpen up my act in approaching the job market. Since working with Personal Career Management I set up a freelance consultancy. I received a lot of support from my coach on business development, boosting my morale and confidence. Several months into this, a consultancy firm invited me to apply for a director’s role which I secured successfully. I am now benefiting from an increase in salary and a better work life balance. My investment in Personal Career Management is the most profitable financial investment I have made in my career to date.”

Joseph Carr - Joseph Carr, Director

“I had tried so hard to get a job as I wanted a change but there was no clear way forward and I felt like I was stuck. I was looking for a career coach rather than general advice, and I scoured the internet for what and who could help. Personal Career Management particularly stood out due to its strong online presence on the BBC and the Guardian sites. Personal Career Management really made me think about what I really wanted or needed to feel successful, and what I really wanted out of a career. This involved a long and hard look back over my life and something clicked leading me to firmer decisions about everything. The whole coaching experience has been a worthwhile investment in ways I hadn’t expected.”

Michael Ward, Operations Support Officer

“I approached Personal Career Management to help with my lack of direction and personal fulfilment in my current role. I recognised I needed help in realising my professional value, understanding and finding opportunities in the current job market and ultimately finding a new role. What I got from my experience with Personal Career Management was so much more. I found the clarity I wanted, built my self-confidence and secured a new and more rewarding role. Personal Career Management were approachable, trust worthy and friendly. I am glad I took a positive step to invest in and realise my professional and personal value.”

Martha Koukidou, Senior Project Manager - Martha Koukidou, Senior Project Manager

“Personal Career Management helped me to align my CV, LinkedIn profile and strategies to the market. The process was both cathartic and re-enforced my self-belief and determination to take my career in a specific direction. After only a few weeks I had attained an interview for a perfectly matched position, and I was offered the role at second interview. I now realise the benefit of outplacement support, it is not just about the right CV or interview technique, but about understanding myself and regaining my belief, confidence and a direction of travel following an enforced career change”

David Walker - David Walker, Regional Finance Manager

“I had the pleasure of working with Jo while researching and interviewing for a new opportunity. At every stage of the process, from preparation of my CV, introduction/covering letters and interview strategies, Jo was always able to add enormous value to what I was doing. I enjoyed debating with her the small but often critical issues surrounding recruitment and selection in todays very different environment compared to even a few short years ago. I would have no hesitation in recommending Jo to anyone looking for a career change or new opportunity – her insight, thoughtfulness and experience in recruitment were hugely beneficial and made a real difference. Thanks Jo!!”

Mike Rust

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