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International Services

We work with companies and individuals based around the world providing career coaching, outplacement and career workshops.

In 2021 alone we provided a series of country-specific live webinar events which reached over 100,000 members of the Accountancy Institute ACCA based in 15 different countries across Europe, Asia and Africa.  As Covid regulations relax, we have now also resumed our in-person workshops, recently providing career management workshops in France for an international charity.


International Services

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A number of career development tools on icareercoach™


E-learning via our career development portal

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Helping staff find new roles and manage change

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    International Services FAQs

    When should we choose you over a more local provider?

    If you are outside the UK and employ predominantly local staff, then a local provider who has career management expertise may work well for your needs.

    However, if your staff group are working in roles that are more internationally focused, and who are themselves more globally mobile, then our world-class career management services would definitely be recommended.   We have successfully coached and provided workshops and webinars for senior leaders and staff based around the world.

    What if I have limited budget?

    Virtual coaching and webinars are a highly cost-effective way to provide learning opportunities for larger groups of people.  They are also logistically very easy to arrange.

    You may also wish to consider our icareercoach™ career development platform which offers self-directed e-learning. This is also highly cost-effective, especially when purchased via an organisational licence.

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