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Unlock employees potential with career coaching

Corporate Career Coaching

Our career coaching for employees services are designed to help your workforce be at their best, in the right roles, agile, growing their capabilities and ready for future challenges.

In an environment where career development is a key factor for staff retention (41% of employees), paying attention to your employees’ careers is also crucial to reduce staff turnover costs and enhance engagement.

Our career coaches offer deep career coaching expertise, an external perspective and a neutral sounding board, which is not always easily available in-house.

We provide one-off career coaching programmes for selected employees or in-house career coaching days, either on-site or via Teams.


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Career Coaching for Employees Programme Elements

Meeting your career challenge

Providing a sounding board for your challenges, fresh perspectives, different strategies and capability building

Exploring possibilities and future planning

Experimenting with career ideas and possibilities, making career decisions and creating a career action plan

Discovering your Career Profile

Identifying your strengths, motivators and workplace personality and how to positively influence your own behaviour and that of others

Growing your capabilities

Developing your professional skills, from personal impact, leadership development, conflict handling and confidence-building, to on-boarding in a new role

Career progression

Building visibility, a positive reputation, applying for promotions, crafting your career for development opportunities

Well-being and work-life balance

Support during tough times, building confidence, managing stress, protecting well-being and retaining perspective


The coaching is complemented by access to our superb online career development portal for additional learning

Career Coaching

Enhance your employee’s potential

Our highly experienced career coaches work with employees at all levels of their careers, from those at Board level to entry-level positions.  The coachees may be:

  • Ambitious for development and promotion
  • Facing a career setback, dilemma or barrier to progression
  • Not sure if they are in the right job
  • Lacking soft skills or confidence
  • Seeking to make a positive impact in a new role
  • Applying for internal roles or feeling overlooked
  • At a significant career or life transition point

Benefits of Career Coaching for Employees

Improved retention

Keep your staff for longer for business continuity and to reduce costs

Grow your own leaders

Reduce the dependence on external hires

More diverse talent

Enable everyone to realise their potential

Increased engagement

Resolving career tensions improves job satisfaction

Positive exits

Helping people who need to move on to do so positively

Coaching options

This can be delivered for selected individuals, talent groups or made more widely available through in-house career clinics where employees are able to book a session on request.

Career Coaching Options


Prices range from £450 + VAT per session to £1500 + VAT for an on-site career clinic.

Career Clinics

Onsite or remote day career clinic with 1 hour sessions for up to 5 staff

Career Clinic


1 hour individual sessions for up to 5 staff


3 months access to icareercoach™


£1500 + VAT

Additional charge may apply for onsite delivery dependent upon location

Career Coaching

Small block of sessions for an individual

Individual Career coaching programme


4 x 1 hour sessions via Zoom or Teams


12 months access to icareercoach™


£1800 +VAT

“We have worked with Personal Career Management since 2017 and they have been consistently brilliant in their work with us, providing regular, monthly in-house career clinics that are available to staff on request. This is in line with our wish to support the career development of our staff, level up career opportunities for those facing barriers, and be seen as an employer of choice. We receive terrific feedback from the coachees about how helpful they have found their sessions.”

Learning and Development Manager – Greater London Authority

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    Will the coaching sessions be confidential?

    Yes they are always confidential but we always encourage coachees to share their learning and any outcomes with their Manager.

    How do the in-house career clinics work?

    Generally, employees complete an internal coaching request form which is approved internally and then they are allocated an appointment session with one of our coaching team.  These can be held virtually or full day visits can be arranged on-site where a number of in-person appointments are offered.

    How do you measure the impact of the career coaching?

    The organisations we work with do this in different ways.  Some use a detailed questionnaire after the session to capture feedback.  This is often combined with other metrics around employee satisfaction with their career development opportunities, number and diversity of internal staff moves and promotions and retention figures.

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