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How to be your best at work!

Love Monday Mornings®

Everyone wants job satisfaction but we all seek it in different ways. Your personality, strengths and motivators will have a huge influence on this and your experiences at work.

When you understand what energises you, then you can shape your career to fit, make smarter career choices and are much more likely to be happier and successful at work.

Our Career Discovery programmes are designed to help you be at your best at work and Love Monday Mornings®.

Personal Career Management

Career Self Discovery

Workplace personality

Using career assessments and discussion to explore:

  • Your workplace personality
  • Values, motivators and needs
  • Key strengths, blind spots and areas where less confident


Your Career Capital

  • Uncovering your career gold – your expertise, experiences and achievements
  • Understanding the rich capabilities you bring to the workplace
  • Identifying key career themes and how to use these for the future

Internal Opportunities

  • Internal career paths
  • Internal development opportunities
  • Advice on how to get ahead in the organisation

Managing your Career

  • Articulating who you are professionally and what you want
  • Building visibility and a positive reputation
  • Internal career conversations, career crafting and internal moves


Prior to the workshop, participants will complete the career assessments on our icareercoach™ platform which will produce personalised reports.

In addition they will also have access on the platform to over 10,000 different e-learning resources which they will find extremely useful.


Personal Career Management

Suitable for employees who are:

  • Ambitious to progress their career
  • At a career crossroads
  • Want to plan their career for the future
  • Unsure how to talk about themselves confidently


Happier employees

People in the right job

Improved Retention and Engagement

More suitable internal candidates

Career Self-Discovery Workshop

Career Conversation Training


From £850+ VAT for a virtual webinar


From £1500+ VAT for an in-person workshop

“Best day’s training I ever spent. I can honestly say the course has had more effect on me than any of the others I have been on. I have been spreading the word and given advice based on the course to colleagues. And I have also been much more able to work more effectively from the other side recruiting new team members.”

Chris Gidlow, Historic Royal Palaces

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    How long it this workshop?

    It can be half day or full day and can be delivered virtually or in person.

    Can the course include information about our internal career paths and other opportunities?

    Yes absolutely!  This is a great place to do this.  The participants will very much want to hear this and they are often surprisingly unaware about the many opportunities that are available internally.  The trainer can either share this information or a representative from the organisation can join to convey it.