Our Ethos and Values

Our purpose is to help people Love Monday Mornings!

Everything we do is to help our clients create a working life that works for them or their employees.

We are corporate members of the Career Development Institute and follow their Code of Practice.

Woman enjoying her job thanks to Personal Career Management
Our career coaches follow our ethos and values

Our coaches also belong to professional bodies such as NICEC, the EMCC etc. and abide by their ethical and quality standards, so you can be assured that in an unregulated industry, we are following best practice.


Focused on you and your best interests. We value and help others see your uniqueness


World-class coaches and trainers, up-to-date advice and resources


Confidential trusted space to share, explore and learn


Honesty and integrity, openness and reality-checking

Diversity and Inclusion

Equity, inclusion and dignity for all

Quality and Best Practice

The highest standards of service at all times

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