Internal Candidate Applications

Promote from within!

Internal Candidate Applications

It’s an extremely challenging recruitment market with the recent CIPD Labour Market Survey showing 47% of employers struggling to fill vacancies.

Organisations who hire from within, especially for more senior roles, benefit from significantly reduced recruitment costs and improved retention as employees tend to stay longer if they can move internally.

However, internal candidates often miss out on career opportunities because they misjudge the internal application and interview process, meaning both they and the organisation lose out.

Our training sessions will help your employees showcase their talents and become more appointable.

Career Coaching in early career

Internal Candidate Applications programme elements

Understanding the recruitment process

Preparing for the internal process including digital applications, interviews and assessments and what you need to do to increase your chances of selection

Is this the right role for you?

Understanding the selection criteria, researching what’s required and being realistic about whether it’s a good fit and a role you genuinely want

Proving your capabilities and competences

Uncovering stories and examples that demonstrate relevant strengths, skills, expertise and achievements

Written applications and covering statements

Tailoring your application to the job requirements, proving your capabilities and showing your motivation

Striking the right tone

Projecting professionalism, confidence, authenticity and “can-do” without appearing cheesy

Preparing for Interview

Maximising your chances of success, preparing a strong introduction and handling tricky interview questions

Personal Career Management

Suitable for:

  • Those on the promotion and leadership track
  • Any employee interested in an internal move, upwards, sideways or down-shifting
  • Supporting talent groups under-represented at senior levels


Benefits of Internal Candidate Applications

Easier to appoint from within

Reduced recruitment costs

Greater retention

Increased organisational agility

Positive role modelling

Internal Candidate Applications


Group Training


From £850 + VAT for webinars



From £1500 + VAT for in person training

“It taught me that the ‘head down, work hard, people will notice and appreciate this’ approach is not enough, if you want to get promoted. You have to bring people’s attention to what you have accomplished. It was super-helpful.”

C.J. Workshop attendee

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    Will you need to know about the way we recruit internally?

    Yes, we’ll want to understand more about the types of roles in your organisation, selection criteria formats and your internal recruitment processes, for instance whether you tend to use competency or strengths based questions or other assessment processes.  These will be incorporated into the training along with our advice on how to present as a stand-out candidate.