15th December 2021

How to Use Social Media to Expand Your Network of Contacts

LinkedIn is the social media for the professional world. In the same way that you might use other social media to ask people for recommendations on services and products, or

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2nd December 2021

All I want for Christmas is a new career!

Are you looking for a career change, new job, career development or outplacement support? Christmas could be the right time to reflect on your career and put together a career action plan. Top tips by Regional Director of Personal Career Management in Lee

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12th November 2021

How do talent management and career management work together?

What is talent management? You are most likely to hear the term ‘talent management’ at performance review time in your organisation. It’s often used to describe when ‘talent’ discussions take

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22nd October 2021

Can you do career coaching online?

Yes, you can have career coaching online is a great way to access the same expertise and support that you’d receive from a professional career coach in person, but with

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7th October 2021

What is Career Coaching and what benefits can it bring?

Most of us spend a lot of our adult lives working. In fact, a sobering thought is that if you put all the hours the average person works during their

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30th September 2021

Furlough ending! The 5 things you should do next.

With the furlough scheme ending today, many are facing the daunting prospect of losing their job.  We are here to help and if you are concerned about what to do

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22nd September 2021

Is hybrid working the new normal?

Not so very long ago the phrase” I’m working from home tomorrow” was usually reserved for the minority of workers and was greeted with eye rolls and references to catching

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15th September 2021

Could joining a franchise be the right next step for you

One in five UK adults wants to start their own business*. A franchise gives you the opportunity to be your own boss with the added benefit of an established brand,

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2nd September 2021

How to plan and manage your job search strategy

Jo Thurman, Regional Director for Milton Keynes gives her top tips on how to manage your job search

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2nd August 2021

Why it pays to network

Whether you are looking to become more visible in your field, seeking out new job opportunities or considering a career change, networking is an investment that will pay off in

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