Outplacement Support

Looking for outplacement support?

Whether your employer has agreed to fund outplacement support, or if you are paying for this support directly, Personal Career Management have a range of outplacement options to support you in your transition into a new role.

You will know first-hand that dealing with redundancy is particularly challenging. The practicalities of looking for a new job such as devising a CV, preparing for interviews and developing your sales pitch to prospective employers can be daunting. You may also be experiencing some mixed emotions regarding the redundancy process itself and the uncertainty ahead.

Our outplacement programmes provide the practical and emotional support needed for job search success at this challenging time. In fact we go beyond traditional outplacement. We will take particular care to ensure that you approach your job search in a very clear and focused way, having explored your options and made smart decisions regarding your next move. You will then receive expert help in all aspects of how to get shortlisted and win the job offer.

What do our outplacement programmes involve?

All of our programmes are tailored to meet your individual needs. However, our programmes typically involve working with one of our highly experienced career coaches on the following:

Career review and analysis

• Assessing career capital, key skills, experience etc.
• Undertaking psychometrics where appropriate
• Exploring career options and/or alternative ways of working
• Making informed decisions about next move
• Devising a practical career action plan for next job and beyond

Marketing your skills to employers

• Locating where the target jobs are – both advertised and unadvertised
• Creating CVs, covering letters, application forms etc which will be short-listed
• Rehearsing for interviews, presentations and networking, using video as appropriate
• Using social media to increase your on-line presence
• Managing the recruitment agency/headhunter relationship
• Salary negotiation
• Settling into the new job

Or self-employment

• Practical help in setting up your own business
• Consultancy advice on business development

Specialist information resources

You will have the services of a dedicated information manager to assist you with research and market intelligence to support your job search campaign as well as access to our online career portal icareercoach™.

icareercoach™ is our new, powerful, online career management, job search and career development resource. With any Personal Career Management outplacement programme you will have several months of access to this invaluable resource along with the support of your career coach. Find out more

Networking events

Throughout the year we hold networking events for our clients where you have the chance to practice your networking skills and hear guest speakers, who include head hunters, employment lawyers and online recruiters.

How much do your programmes cost?

We offer a range of outplacement options designed to meet different career challenges and budget requirements. These programmes are based on a number of coaching hours provided per programme which can be taken up at any time over 3 years. This enables far greater flexibility for the individual than a programme which is strictly time limited say to 6 months or a year.

Outplacement Programmes start from £1,000 ex VAT however these are our most popular programmes:

Job Search Outplacement £2,333 ex VAT

Executive Outplacement £3,625 ex VAT

Director Outplacement £5,000 ex VAT

Senior Director Outplacement £10,000 ex VAT

Click the following link for a more detailed description of our programmes and prices.

NB Companies are often amenable to including outplacement as part of a redundancy settlement or compromise agreement so do make sure that you do not miss out on this benefit. This has additional financial advantages for you as outplacement that is provided by an external company as part of a redundancy settlement, is considered a non-taxable benefit. The organisation will also pay the VAT on the service. For example, a 40% tax payer could save an additional £1500 as a result of processing our outplacement invoice through the company rather than paying for it directly. For more information about this either contact us or discuss with your employment lawyer.

Why choose Personal Career Management as your outplacement provider?

Lots of reasons – but here are just a few:

  • Our coaching team are all highly experienced, trained career management specialists with impressive professional track records and can support all of your career management and job search needs
  • Our clients think we do a great job. In our most recent survey, 98% of our clients said that they would highly recommend Personal Career Management to those who are seeking career support
  • 93% of our clients say they have achieved their objectives through working with us
  • You can meet with us for a free, initial, no-obligation consultation, to find out more about our programmes, what they involve and the benefits
  • We never use manipulative or high pressure sales tactics as we do not feel they are in either your or our best interests
  • We partner with the Telegraph, Guardian, Trinity Mirror and Monster and are career experts for the Financial Times and People Management
  • MD of Personal Career Management, Corinne Mills has the UK’s no. 1 best-selling CV book

How do I find out more?

Ring us on 01753 888995 or fill in our contact form and one of our team will ring you to discuss your requirements. We offer a free, no-obligation consultation for you to come and meet with us to find out more.

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