Career Change

Looking for a career change or at a career crossroads?

Statistics show that on average a person will have between 10-14 different jobs over their lifetime and around 3-4 career changes will be involved. There may be many reasons why you are contemplating a career change or wishing to explore your options. These could include:

  • Wanting to pursue an area of growing interest
  • Finding that jobs are limited in your current field
  • Poor job satisfaction and/or reward in your current role
  • Looking for more personal expression and challenge
  • Need for a role that complements personal priorities and commitments

How can Personal Career Management help?

Whether you are looking for a radical career change or a more subtle change in direction, it is essential to make sure that any move is carefully thought through. Otherwise, there is a risk that you will carry any existing dissatisfaction into your next role. We will help you explore your career options and ideas thoroughly, helping you make informed decisions with professional careers advice. We’ll then help you reposition yourself in the job market and persuade potential employers that you are the person to hire.

Our Career Explorer programme will help you:

• Assess your “career capital” and potential
• Clarify and focus your priorities
• Review your career options and generate ideas
• Reality-test options to make sure the plans are robust
• Make an informed decision
• Devise a practical action plan to achieve the transition into your new role/or self-employment

As part of the programme you will:

• Work on a one to one basis with one of our career coaches throughout your career transition
• Use careers software programmes and undertake psychometrics if appropriate
• Access comprehensive resource materials on careers, sectors, training, companies etc.
• Be supported by a client resources manager for all of your information and research needs

Once you have completed your programme you can upgrade to our job search or start your own business programme as appropriate to help with implementing your career plan and transitioning into your new role.

Case Studies

We have helped hundreds of clients to make a successful career change. This includes clients who have achieved a radical career reinvention as well as those who have chosen to focus on a new area within their current occupational field.  Recent examples include:

• IT Manager who became a Charity Event-Manager
• Lawyer who became a Learning Consultant
• Environmental Consultant who went into accountancy
• Business Analyst who set up a niche handicraft business
• Retail Manager who went into HR
• Operations Director who set up a franchise business
• Managing Director who went into consultancy

Read our client testimonials.

Our career change coaching programmes include the following:

Career Explorer

Career assessment, option appraisal and action-planning

  • In-depth career assessment of skills, values, potential, etc.
  • Generating career options and career decision-making
  • Career action planning
  • 10 hours of career coaching

Face to Face £3,250 ex VAT or £372 per month*

Video Skype £1,800 ex VAT or £198 per month*

Combined change of career programme

Career Explorer plus the Job Search Programme      

  • Full career assessment, option appraisal, decision-making, action-planning
  • Job search strategies with specialist information resources and support
  • Rehearsals  for interviews, presentations, networking, etc.
  • 16 hours of career coaching

Face to Face £4,250 ex VAT or £492 per month*

Video Skype £2,750 ex VAT or £312 per month*


*Monthly payments are based on £480 initial deposit and include VAT. Payments can be spread over 10 months by direct debit from a UK Current Account.

*Skype programmes costing over £2,000 can also be paid by monthly direct debit.

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I’m interested in career change help.  How do I find out more?

Ring us on 0845 686 0745 or fill in our contact form and one of our team will be happy to ring you to discuss your requirements and arrange for your free initial career change ideas assessment.