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20th July 2015

HR: How to choose an outplacement provider

You might be making redundancies and require immediate outplacement support or simply looking to have a provider in place just in case the need arises unexpectedly. Either way, having the right

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3rd July 2015

HR Managers: How to handle the redundancy process

Nobody likes dealing with redundancy. In an ideal world the business will be communicating early with HR about changes which could mean that a redundancy process would need to be a

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23rd February 2015

Why outplacement support for a Director is important

Colin Lloyd, Regional Director for Personal Career Management in Leeds talks about why outplacement support is important for Directors

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27th January 2015

Group Outplacement Workshops for staff being made redundant

Group Outplacement Workshops support individuals being made redundant

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29th July 2010

When work colleagues leave – managing the emotional fall-out

Talking to Company magazine for their October issue about what happens with a close work colleague leaving. What happens when a good friend at work leaves? What fall-out can it

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