icareercoach™ App Terms and Conditions

icareercoach™ App Terms and Conditions:

  • The use of the icareercoach™ portal is solely for your own personal use, for the purpose of your career development and/or your search for a job.
  • You are not permitted to share your login details with any other person.
  • You are not permitted to copy or distribute any of the materials.
  • This app is solely for the use of private individuals, no access will be granted for companies, outplacement service providers or career coaches.
  • Personal Career Management reserves the right to deny or withdraw access to this service, at any time, for any reason.
  • Unless otherwise stated copyright on all the materials remains with Personal Career Management Ltd.
  • The trial version excludes:
    • Job Search Database – Thousands of company records with important contact details and company stats
    • Recruiter Database – All the key people you need to connect with
    • Personal Career Management’s coaching exercises – Our own bespoke tools we use to help clients achieve their career goals
    • Aptitude and Psychometric tests – We have included a few tests in the trial but there are many, many more in the upgraded version.
  • You can access the full version of the app by upgrading, this means entering into a monthly payment plan.
  • Full access is just £48 per month, payable by direct debit. There is no ongoing commitment, you simply pay monthly and can cancel at any time.
  • Your subscription includes two company information requests per month. ‘Company information requests’ are defined as you requesting information that we collate on your behalf, this is normally a request for company data. For example, you may ask for information on a company in order to prepare for an interview.
  • Any exercises completed will be saved in the app, however, if you decide to cancel we recommend you download your completed work to your device before your end date, or you can regain access anytime by activation of your monthly payment plan. Please note, your previous data may be lost if there is a gap between the trial end and activation.

How to Cancel:

  • You can cancel at any time by cancelling the direct debit.
  • You will need to do this directly via Gocardless. Please notify us if you do this by emailing info@personalcareermanagement.com.  Please note that it can take up to 7 days to cancel a Direct Debit so dependent on when you cancel the next payment may still go out, and no refund will be made of that payment.
  • You pay monthly in advance, so your icareercoach™ subscription will cancel a month after your last payment is made and you will still have access to it until that date. We do not refund any payments regardless of usage or access.
  • If you change the bank account relating to your direct debit, please notify us so that we can help ensure your icareercoach™ access is not inadvertently suspended.

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