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We asked Elin to tell us about her professional journey before and after her Personal Career Management coaching sessions….

“My name is Elin Winsenius, I’m from Gothenburg also called Little London, Sweden’s second largest city. I’m the fourth child in a cohesive family and while my siblings went for careers in Law and Finance respectively, I have followed a more original path.

After graduating I joined Christie’s London, I left to pursue an opportunity at the European Commission linked to my earlier studies but re-joined the world of luxury when a design agency hired me to help them develop the business in Asia. They used to specialise in exhibitions and retail designs, luxury players with offices in France & Hong Kong. I delivered projects and acted as an ambassador across fast-growing and dynamic regions, connected with professionals from all corners of the world, and got exposed to a wide range of global brands. Out of all my travels across Asia and Europe, I found the annual trade shows Singapore and Cannes particularly fulfilling. I learned a lot, progressed fast and was asked to become Director Asia Pacific in my second year. I lived a fantastic experience in Asia but due to senior management changes in France and a new company mission, I resigned and started working as a freelance consultant based out of London.

For a while, I was considering changing company, industry, and continent at the very same time so I wanted to explore my options.

 Elin signed up for Career Coaching with Personal Career Management.

“My main objectives were, as I often take skills for granted, to better understand my career capital and speak with someone who could act as a sounding board.”

What were you hoping to achieve in your sessions with Personal Career Management?

“I wanted to learn about the UK job market and find out how to convey a message about a broad and diverse background in an appealing way, as well as network.”

Why did you choose Personal Career Management?

“I came across quite a few very positive articles about Personal Career Management and liked that they had been featured on the Guardian, Telegraph, and on the BBC. Then an initial discussion was enough for me to be reassured that I had come to the right place.”

How would you describe your experience with Personal Career Management?

“Apart from getting my questions answered, valuable job search advice, and a lot of insight, my sessions have allowed me to develop a stronger confidence in my professional skills needed to work as a consultant, resulting in new types of missions, projects, and invitations.

I have gained reassurance and inspiration to continue to build my personal brand image, not least which of is my recently launched, very well-received personal website, where I talk about my earlier career as well as recent missions.

Personal Career Management also encouraged me to keep pursuing my interest in continuous learning and for example, during the pandemic, I completed the Oxford leading strategic projects programme and thanks to having gained a better understanding of my career capital I was better prepared to critically reflect on my market expansion experience in Asia which contributed to a 99 percent score. I’ve also become active in various professional networks.”

What would you say to someone thinking of approaching Personal Career Management?

Go for it, it will help you gain clarity. Working with a Career Coach will allow you to make better decisions in the future both personally and professionally. Thank you, Personal Career Management, for your continued support.”

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