Plan B

Plan B®

This programme is ideal for those whose want to protect themselves against career uncertainty by ensuring that if they need to find another role, then they are able to do so quickly.  It is also suitable for individuals wishing to make a move in the mid to long-term rather than immediately.

The programme involves the following:

  • Career Review – In depth assessment and understanding of career capital, skills, experience, potential, needs etc
  • Market Assessment – Bench marking skills in the job market, identifying competitive edge, gap analysis
  • Exploring Options – Generating and evaluating options whether remaining in the same field or considering a change in direction
  • Career Management – Progressing your career using internal and external career management strategies.  Managing exit if required
  • Self-marketing – Creating a CV for future role, building networks and articulating your “offer”
  • Career Action Plan – Developing a clear, focused plan to achieve career objectives in the short and longer term

This programme includes:

  • 12 hours of coaching
  • On-line careers software including psychometric testing as appropriate
  • Supporting information including a career file, books and reference materials

 Zoom £3,300 inc VAT

When your job search campaign becomes fully active, you can also upgrade to Personal Career Management’s “combined programme” which provides the following additional support if required:

  • Personalised vacancy reports, company listings, business news updates and a dedicated information manager to help make your job search more time-efficient
  • Job search campaign strategies for the advertised and unadvertised market, using on-line and personal approaches
  • Listings and contacts for headhunters and recruitment agencies and how to manage these relationships
  • Rehearsals for interviews, presentations, networking meetings etc
  • Handling the job offer

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