The Apprentice – Corinne’s Take!

The Apprentice Reviewed by a Career Coach

Incessant squabbling. Emotional intelligence and teamwork gone AWOL. Oh yes! The Apprentice is back, but at what cost to the candidates’ future career, asks Personal Career Management, Managing Director, Corinne Mills.

Corinne is here each week to share with us her take on the weekly shenanigans. Join us after each episode for ‘The Apprentice through the eyes of a career coach’.

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All Corinne’s articles for The National World are featured below:

The Final! Week 12 Review

Harpreet and her cake empire had substance and the icing on top


Photo: BBC


Week 11 Review

Lord Sugar’s interviewers rip apart some truly awful business plans


Photo: BBC


Week 10 Review

First Time F*** Dies’ is the baby food brand no-one wanted


Photo: BBC


Week 9 review

TV shopping seemed to morph into adult viewing


Photo: BBC


Week 8 Review

Chuckle Brothers meets Kitchen Nightmares


Photo: BBC


Week 7 Review

Sophie’s ‘pimpmobile’ left everyone confused


Photo: BBC



Week 6 Review

Nick channels Alan Partridge on a Welsh break


Photo: BBC


Week 5 Review

Why Lord Sugar’s verdict on Francesca’s ‘Artic’ gaffe was harsh


Photo: BBC


Week 4 Review

Lord Sugar’s trawl for rotten fish puns


Photo: BBC


Week 3 Review

Navid teams’ non-alcoholic creations lack fizz


Photo: BBC



Week 2 Review

The boys end up in the toilet with their brown ‘wand’


Photo: BBC


Week 1 Review

It says a lot that the logo creator wasn’t fired!


Photo: BBC


Don’t get fired, “Get hired!”

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