Congratulations on being referred

Welcome, looks like we have a mutual friend.

Many of our clients come to us via recommendation. So, by way of saying thank you, if you take one of our programmes both you and your Friend will each be given 1 additional coaching hour.

We’re sure your friend will have told you all about the benefits they’ve seen but each client and their own circumstances are unique.

We typically help with:

  • Bringing clarity – if you’re feeling stuck or at a crossroads
  • Gaining confidence – if you’ve had a difficult time recently
  • Enjoying success – making positive changes

You may even look 10 years younger! A comment many clients enjoy hearing having completed a programme, as the weight of what they have been carrying for months or years is lifted.

To get started:

We offer a free initial consultation to discuss your situation, in confidence, and to find out if this is right for you. Please call 01753 888 995 or complete the form below and we’ll contact you:

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    Popular coaching programmes include:

    Launch PadCareer ExplorerJob SearchCombined
    Perfect for grads or
    those in early career
    Ideal if you’re at
    a career crossroads
    your job search
    Career Explorer
    & Job Search
    6 hrs10 hrs10 hrs18 hrs
    One to one coaching delivered via Zoom or Microsoft Teams. 
    Prices include VAT.

    Terms and Conditions of offer:

    • The coaching programme you choose must be a minimum 6 hours.
    • You must share your friend’s referral code (passed to you by your friend) at the point you book and it cannot be used retrospectively.
    • Your hour and your friends’ hour will automatically be added to your (and their) programme, once your full balance payment has been made.
    • The referral code can only be used once per person and only one referral code can be used.
    • All our work with you is in confidence so nothing is shared with your friend other than the fact you will of started a programme.
    • Personal Career Management reserve the right to withdraw the offer at any time.
    • Standard coaching programme terms and conditions also apply.